School Board FAQs & Agenda Archive

How do I know what the School Board is doing? 
Beginning in August 2018, all records, policies, meeting agendas, and other documents are available to the public on the BoardDocs platform. Visitors can search for specific policy information, as well as see topics of discussion at previous and future meetings. 

Click here for BOARDDOCS access

What information is available there, and where can I find it on the BoardDocs platform? 
Click the link above to be taken to the XCS dashboard. From there you can click on upcoming meeting dates to see the planned agenda, as well as view the documents presented at meetings. Visitors can also search for specific XCS policies.

Who are the current School Board members? What do they do? 
To learn more about qualifications, as well as get information about current members, visit our Meet the Board page

Can I attend Board Meetings? What if I want to speak at a meeting about a topic?
XCS Regular Board Meetings are open to the public, and anyone is welcome to attend. For those who wish to address the Board, a brief form must be filled out and submitted to the Treasurer prior to the start of the meeting. (Forms will be available on arrival.)

Note that all comments should be addressed directly to Board Members, and that comments should be limited to five (5) minutes. For more information and guidelines about speaking to the Board at a public meeting, view PUBLIC PARTICIPATION AT BOARD MEETINGS (po0169.1) on the BoardDocs platform.

Looking for older records?
An archive of meeting minutes for dates prior to August 2018 are linked below. If you are looking for minutes prior to August 2017, contact the Treasurer's Office at 
(937) 562-9033 or by email