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Below are links to web resources for the games that we play. If it goes to a commercial site, please do not assume that we endorse that site. It's just a good resource for that game as well.

There are no bad sites. I don't link to crap.


love One of my personal favorites.
thumbs up Amazing site. Good source of inspiration.
cool Very useful or has lots of good information. 
grin Good site overall
unamused Not one of my favorites, but you might like it.


BoardGameGeek love A great resource for just about any board or card game ever made. Also has a video game and roleplaying game section. Literally the only board game site you need.
Tabletop Gaming News love Love this site. I check it daily. It covers both board games and miniatures games.  
Dice Tower News cool Good site for news on board games. Only does board games, so if you're not into minis, RPGs, or card games, it's great. 
Board Game News grin Similar to Dice Tower.  
Axis and Allies.org grin good site for Axis and Allies discussion. 
Board Game Central grin Lots of links for many many games. Good resource.


Magic the Gathering cool Official Magic the Gathering website by Wizards of the Coast.    
Essential Magic cool This is a much more useful site. Has a forum, deck builder program, and a trading area.
Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game cool This is the official site run by the manufacturer, Konami.


Dungeons & Dragons cool This needs no real introduction, does it?
Pathfinder RPG grin The official site for the unofficial D&D 4.0 by Paizo.
Star Wars RPG grin
Fantasy Flight games has a huge line of products for the Star Wars RPG. I hear really good things about this system.
Iron Kingdoms RPG grin
This is the RPG based in Caen, the land of Warmachine and Hordes from Privateer Press. I don't really know much about the system, although I play the tabletop miniatures games. Has some sweet miniatures.


The Miniatures Page (TMP) thumbs up This is an old site: TMP has been around since I was in college, and is still one of the better places to go for information and inspiration on miniatures gaming, especially for the old ones, small ones, or obscure ones that no one really knows much about any more. Love TMP. 
Stuff of Legends love Has galleries upon galleries of old classic wargaming miniatures. Take a look at your roots.


Privateer Press cool
The people that make WARMACHINE, the Iron Kingdoms RPG, and HORDES.
Games Workshop cool
They make Blood Bowl, Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and lots more. Tends to be pricey, but are the current king of the miniatures game companies. 
Reaper love The people that make the Dark Heavens, Warlord, Bones, and Reaper miniature lines. Excellent quality minis at reasonable prices; very good for D&D figures.
Mantic Games cool
Mantic is a relative newcomer on the miniature wargames market, but they're making a huge splash. Originally billed as an affordable alternative to GW, they now have their own games and lines. Plus they're super nice; they're at Gen Con all the time.
 Spellcrow cool   They make the game Argatoria and Umbra Turris, as well as a bits service for conversions. Very good stuff. I bought an army for Argatoria, but haven't played yet. 
Corvus Belli/Infinity cool
These guys are a Spanish company producing the game Infinity, Aristeia, and Warcrow. Excellent minis, great game.   
Rackham cool
Rackham is a French company who is now out of business. They made fantastic models, though. Here's a decent fan page in English.


XGC Painting Guide cool Written by Mr. Keefe to give you a basic understanding of how to prepare and paint your miniatures. No pictures yet. If you have questions, ask. 
The Painting Clinic thumbs up Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic has moved to being a YouTube channel. Superb how-to videos and examples of stellar work.  
Miniature-Painting.net cool Also a good site for basics and some advanced work. 
Sorastro's Painting love  This guy makes it look SOOOO easy! This is a YouTube channel where he does tutorials on painting minis. Use for inspiration or for education. His stuff is phenomenal.
Terragenesis thumbs up Best source for terrain-building how-to on the Web. It
s been around since the late 90s in some form or another. Good but slow forum as well. Gary's got it all.
Necromundicon thumbs up Excellent, awe-inspiring stuff. Sean is a legend in the miniatures world. 
Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture thumbs up Ever want Legos for making buildings for your minis? Here ya go. It's lots of work, but the results speak for themselves.  They donated some stuff to the club a few years ago. I have a bunch myself as well.
MicroMark cool They make all the tools you need for putting miniatures and models together. High quality stuff for not a lot of money. I use lots of their stuff.
 TTCombat thumbs up  I posted them here for the reasonably priced and very good MDF scenery, but they also have games of their own. Rumbleslam is a personal favorite. I have some of their scenery; it can be a bit fiddly to put together sometimes, but it's high quality. 
Antenociti's Workshop grin An excellent commercial terrain and minis site. I don't buy anything (I prefer to make it myself) but it's good for ideas.
GameCraft Miniatures love Affordable, high quality scenery and tool racks. Located in the US, so you don't have to pay ridiculous shipping costs. I have a good bit of their stuff. Very nice.
Miniature Scenery thumbs up A great resource for laser cut terrain, paint racks, and more. If it weren't all the way in Australia and had ridiculous shipping prices, I'd have a ton of this stuff.


Bell, Book & Comic love I love this little store!  You walk in and the smell of old comics hits you in the face.  It's EXACTLY like the little comic and game shops I remember going to back in high school and college.  This store is on Patterson right between Oakwood and Kettering.  Sells games at MSRP, but they're the nicest guys you'll ever meet.
Bookery Fantasy Gaming thumbs up They recently combined the comic shop and the gaming shop. On Main St in Fairborn, they have a big selection of minis and RPGs, used stuff, and board games. Plus comics! They change their discount pretty frequently, but I think it's all below MSRP. 
The Hobby Shop thumbs up This is a store down by the Dayton Mall. Their primary focus is RC vehicles, models, and model trains, but they now have a ton of 40K and other mini games and board games.  Everything is 10-20% off MSRP.  
No Limit Gaming cool Located in Kettering not far from me, their primary focus is card gaming, specifically Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and some Magic the Gathering. They recently expanded to board games, RPGs, and minis. 
The Game Haven grin It's funny how these stores change over time. Once comics and games, now they do vintage video games, miniatures, Magic, and some board games. 
Epic Loot cool Epic Loot is HUGE, has a pretty good selection of games, comics, and LOTS of miniatures gaming stuff.  Also full MSRP. Down in Centerville on 48.
Cool Stuff Inc cool This is a great web store. They usually have games at a good discount, and it's free shipping once you hit $100. 
Miniature Market grin Another great web store. Prices are comparable to CSI, and they do great clearance sales and holiday sales frequently.    

GAMING CONVENTIONS (close ones; there are many others)

Gen Con Indy love The mother of all gaming conventions, as far as I'm concerned. Held in Indianapolis every year, the XGC has attended since 2003. Imagine 70,000 nerds all together for games, cosplay, and fun. It's crazy. Excellent for miniatures games, RPGs, card games, and board games. Anime and manga fans will be happy too!
Origins thumbs up Also extremely well known, extremely good. Held in Columbus. Excellent for RPGs and cards, good for miniatures and anime. Smaller and more cozy than Gen Con, so if crowds aren't your thing, this is a great choice.
WittCon cool Another small gaming convention, this one is held in Springfield at Wittenberg University. Emphasis on small, but it's still a good time.
Gem City Comic Con cool This is a comic book convention held at Wright State's Nutter Center in Fairborn. I haven't been yet, but I hear good things about it.
Champion City Comic and Gaming Convention cool Only been to this one once. Lots of comics and SF pop culture stuff, plus some gaming. Fun time, and I know one of the organizers. They joined up with Gem City Comic Con this past year; I don't know if that's a permanent thing or not. 
Cincinnati Comic Expo grin I've never been to this con, but it's close and all about comics and such. 
Lexicon love This local gaming convention is in Lexington, KY.  They've been around for a bit now, and it's always a good time. Lexington has a thriving gaming community, and it's great fun.

If you know of any other websites that we might want to link to, let me know.  I will review it and decide.