About the Program


The XCS Online Edge learning option is open to students in grades 6-12 and will utilize the Edgenuity Courseware platform. Students from across the district will be taught through the Edgenuity platform, and will have access to XCS Online Teachers for support. Students will meet with their online teacher at least once per week to discuss course progress and academic assistance.

Unlike previous opt-in online learning options, the XCS Online Edge will only accept students who apply and qualify. Students must show evidence of previous remote learning success. 

Online Edge students are expected to:
● Log in to Edgenuity and complete coursework every scheduled school calendar day in order to be counted present. 
● Complete at least 1 hour of coursework per class in Edgenuity each day. Students must have a total of at least 15 hours of logged learning time in Edgenuity by the end of each school week.
● Attend weekly in-person check-in at the Online Edge Learning Lab.
● Attend weekly study groups to get support as needed.
● Attend monthly in-person seminars that focus on college & career readiness and social-emotional learning.
● Attend in-person on standardized testing days.
● Communicate regularly with your Online Edge teacher.
● Check email and the Online Edge Google Classroom daily for important updates and announcements.
● Follow the code of conduct as if they were in school; this includes dress and language.

Students will be required to follow the code of conduct as if they were in school; this includes dress and language.
● Students may not be assigned a teacher from their in-person school. They will be enrolled in the program with other students from throughout the school district. 
● Students in the Online Edge program will need to attend in-person school on the days of standardized assessments.
● It is important to note your student will not be on Zoom while completing all class work and instruction. They will need to work independently on the Edgenuity Platform for hours each day.
● Note that it is a requirement for students to attend weekly meetings and regular seminars in person.

● Certain grade levels or courses in the remote learning program may become closed based on enrollment.
● Credit recovery courses will not be offered remotely. 
● At the middle school level, students will be enrolled in: Grade 6, 7, or 8- English/Language Arts, math, science, and social studies. No additional courses will be offered. 
● At the high school, general core classes will be offered, including English, math, science, and social studies. AP courses will require additional texts and fees.
● At the high school, limited elective courses will be offered.

The Online Edge will not be an option for quarantined students or students with an extended absence. Extended absences from in-person school will be addressed by the student’s in-person teacher and principal. 

If a student has health issues that prevent them from attending in person, contact the building principal to inquire about homebound services.