Writing Club


Mrs. Burgess
Telephone: (937) 372-6983 (Ext. 8308)
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Lemmon
Telephone: (937) 372-6983 (Ext. 8311)
Email:  [email protected]

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Writing Club is a group of students who love to write creatively.  In this club, students learn about the different genres of writing.  They also learn techniques to enhance their own writing.  They will be presented with various opportunities to participate in writing contests throughout the year.  We will also hear from published authors and learn about the publication process.  In January, 6 freshmen/sophomores and 6 juniors/seniors will compete in the JustWrite Ohio Regional Tournament.  In this tournament, students have three different sessions in which they are given a genre, prompt, and 45 minutes to compose a story.  There are also optional poetry contests.  Students who place at regionals will end up qualifying for the state tournament and will be considered for publication in the annual anthology.  

Updated 10/4/23