Student Life at Warner

Student Life @ Warner

From leadership programs and clubs to team sports and other activities like drama, science clubs, and more, WMS offers ways for every student to engage, learn, and grow together! Our students in grades 6-8 are at a critical point in development, and it is our goal to provide an atmosphere that will nurture each of them as they find their way and discover who they are.

More information to come soon about various WMS options for clubs and activities. Stay tuned! 

Peer-to-Peer Relationships

The Warner Middle School climate in regard to student-to-student interactions and bullying is a constant focus for staff. We regularly discuss ongoing issues related to bullying, harassment, and peer to peer relationships and look for a better way to support students and stop bullying.

We are continuing to create an environment where all students feel supported, safe, and ready to learn, but administrators and counselors often hear the frustration from a student or parent after it has gotten to be too much and we are not doing enough to curb the issues. 

Over the next few months we will communicate more of the items happening at Warner to develop a safer, more comfortable environment and developing an appropriate, kinder school. For parents/grandparents, it is important to know that you have the principal’s ear if you feel that your child is being treated poorly by a peer. Remember to use Mr. Holop as your primary connection if you are having peer-to-peer or bullying issues. He will ensure there is follow-up and follow-through for your child’s situation. His cell phone number is given out each year at orientation, but is also available to WMS parents from the office. His office phone is 937-376-9488, ext. 7003.

One of our most effective strategies to impact student issues is to address them early and to continue to follow up with the students in the days and weeks following negative interactions. Keeping parents informed of the follow-ups is often a missing piece that we look to improve upon. 

Special Programs for Students in Need of Support

WMS has offered a range of special programs for students who need additional support. Ranging from our Campaign Against Bullying elective class for seventh graders to special groups such as the “Friends Group” and “Lunch Buddies”, these programs are designed to meet the needs of our students and fill the gaps.

For more information about any of these programs, please be sure to ask Mr. Holop, or reach out to the appropriate counselor for your child's grade.