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The new edition of Blood Bowl is out!  The models are a little bigger, the board is a lot bigger, but all the smashy goodness of the original is the same!  The new minis are pretty darn awesome as well.  The official site is   The version we play (3rd edition) is no longer supported by Games Workshop, however, and so all the information for it has to be found elsewhere. 

Blood Bowl (Third Edition)-- This is the entry for Blood Bowl 3rd ed, the one we play.  Lots of stuff there; files, rosters, pics, and a forum.  

Blood Bowl Online-- More resources for Blood Bowl.  Just about the only place you can find the Living Rulebook now.

NAF World Headquarters-- pretty much the largest Blood Bowl fan group in the world.  They have a paid membership, exclusives, and their members host Blood Bowl tournaments all over the world.

Talk Fantasy Football-- forum board for Blood Bowl, Elfball, and any other fantasy football.  Used to be Talk Blood Bowl until Games Workshop got really aggressive about their IP.

Stuff of Legends Blood Bowl miniatures archive-- Pictures of all the old miniatures.  You may recognize the High Elf team.......

That's just a few to get you started.  You can do a search for these yourself on Google and get tons of sites in response.