Withdraw Student

Parents/guardians may begin the withdrawal process in person at their child's school (not available during school closure) OR complete the process online.

Steps to Withdraw a Current XCS Student:

1. DOWNLOAD the Withdraw Form

2. Complete the form:

 - Parents can request a confirmation of fees due from your building secretary as part of this process.
 - Parent/Guardian must sign the form by EITHER: 
     1) signing digitally with a PDF Reader such as the free version of Adobe Acrobat (not installed on XCS Chromebook devices), OR 
     2) printing, signing, and scanning the document to return.
 - Parents do NOT need to secure a digital signature from the building principal or counselor if submitting the form electronically.

3. Be sure to SAVE the file so that your information is stored; do not simply close the form. (You may choose to "save as" and change the file name to include the student's name.)

4. Email your completed form to the EMIS coordinator: [email protected]