Delay & Closing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Inclement Weather

Student and staff safety is the most important consideration when inclement weather calls are made. 

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive regarding inclement weather. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email us.

Q: How is the decision made to delay school or shift to remote learning for inclement weather?
A: There are many different factors that go into making the call for a delay or shift to remote learning. Very early in the morning, a team of administrators investigates and monitors the weather, temperature, wind chill, and road conditions. These observations begin as early 4:00 a.m. The team drives the roads in our district, stays in contact with neighboring districts, and researches information from the National Weather Service. First Student, the company managing our bus fleet, is also a vital part of that decision.

By 5:30 a.m., the Superintendent makes a decision about school delays, and the decision is communicated district-wide.

Q. Where will information be posted regarding school delays or the shift to remote learning?
A: Notifications are made in this order:
  1. The district's Facebook page.
  2. On the homepage of this website.
  3. A OneCall message goes out. Read more about OneCall Now.
  4. Notices are put on WHIO Channel 7 and WDTN Channel 2.
If a notice is not posted in those locations, school is on as scheduled.

Q. It’s very cold with a wind chill. Why wasn’t school delayed?
A: There is no magic number when it comes to the temperatures and whether or not we will delay the start of school. It is hard to predict what the wind chill will be the night before, so most times the decision is made in the morning. On cold mornings we continuously monitor the weather conditions before a decision is made. Our school buildings are warm, safe, and an ideal place for students to be when it is extremely cold outside. Parents should make sure their child is dressed appropriately for cold weather, wearing winter hats, gloves, heavy coats, and boots.

Q. My neighborhood is fine, why are we delaying or shifting to remote learning?
A: Xenia has a wide variety of roads and terrain, including areas with hills that can become impassible in certain weather conditions, and rural areas where snow removal can be challenging. Your part of the city may be passable, but that does not mean that buses can safely take children to school in all parts of Xenia.

Q. My roads are bad, why wasn’t school delayed?
A: While your neighborhood might have more difficult driving conditions, other areas may not. We encourage parents and teenage drivers to use extreme caution when driving in less than ideal conditions.

Q. Other districts are delaying, why aren’t we?
A: Sometimes our decision is different from our neighboring districts, because each district has its own unique set of roads and snow removal procedures. We drive the routes throughout our district to make sure that buses and cars can get through. The decision is made based on what is best for Xenia students and staff.

Q. Why wasn’t the decision made the night before?
A: With Ohio weather, it is hard to predict what will happen from one moment to the next. Frequently predictions of heavy snowfall, ice or extreme cold do not end up causing conditions that would justify delaying or cancelling school. Waiting until morning allows us to drive the roads and make the call based on the actual weather and road conditions.

Q. I still have to go to work, but my students are at home because we shifted to remote learning for the day. What should I do?
A: The decision to delay or shift to remote learning has a ripple effect throughout our entire community, not only for our 4,600 students and 475 employees, but for thousands of parents and family members, many of whom must go to work no matter the weather. Whatever decision is made, it is determined based on the best information available and in the best interest of students and staff. We understand that some will agree with the decision and some will not. We encourage your family to create a plan in the event of school delays or cancellations. Students thrive on routine, and we understand these changes are disruptive and challenging for our families.

Q. When are bus drivers notified?
A: Decisions are made based on the safety of Xenia students. Bus drivers play a very important role in ensuring our student’s safety. First Student, the company that manages our bus fleet, notifies bus drivers as soon as the decision is made. It is important to note that in almost all cases, the notification to bus drivers is made prior to the One Call phone call that goes out to parents. Additionally, First Student has an app that notifies all bus drivers about changes to the schedule.

Q. I am concerned about the safety of my child and do not feel comfortable sending them to school. What can I do?
A: We realize that parents may not be happy with our decision. We encourage parents and teen drivers to use extreme caution when driving in less than ideal conditions. While your neighborhood might have more difficult driving conditions, other areas may not. Ultimately, the decision is yours as a parent. We always encourage good attendance, and we believe that students should be in school whenever it is in session, as it is the law. Parents can make the decision to keep their students at home if they believe that road or weather conditions make travel to school unsafe.

Our student Code of Conduct specifies that reporting of student absences is the obligation of the parent/custodian. The parent should phone their child's school within one hour from the start of school on the day of the absence. Parents may leave a voice mail at any time. Upon the child's return to school, the parent shall provide written documentation, either a parent note or medical excuse, stating the specific day(s) absent, reason for the absence, appropriate signature, and contact number. View the XCS Code of Conduct on our STUDENTS page.

Q. What if bad weather arrives when my children are in school?
A: If inclement weather arrives while students are in school, a decision to release early may be made. School principals are contacted immediately, and the notice will go out to parents by our Facebook page, our website, the OneCall system, and on Channels 2 and 7. Buses will load students according to the normal dismissal order. All students picked up by parents may leave school as soon as their parents arrive.

Q. Will after-school activities be cancelled if school buildings are closed?
A: Typically, after-school student activities will be canceled when school has been closed or closed early. Check our Facebook page and our website for specific information related to those activities.