Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility Statement

Xenia Community Schools is committed to making the information on our website accessible to all visitors, including people with disabilities. We follow current best practices and strive to adhere to W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0


Popular browsers are fully supported, and most popular browsers and plugins contain built-in accessibility tools and features such as:

  • Adjust the text size using CTRL+ or CTRL- on your keyboard, or a “Zoom” option in your browser menu
  • Adjust the fonts and background colors using your browser’s “Settings” or “Options” menu
  • Navigate via your keyboard using the TAB key; use the ENTER key to select or click a link
For more information about accessibility using your preferred browser, please visit the appropriate accessibility information pages:
In addition, this site is built on School Messenger Presence, which is tested using assistive screen reader technology (JAWS) to ensure accessibility.

We are strongly committed to making continuous improvements to this website as the need arises. If you have difficulty accessing any of the content on our website, or have any suggestions on accessibility improvements, you may contact us by phone at 937-562-9005 or email [email protected]. Please be sure to let us know what the accessibility issue is, as well as any assistive technology you use. If possible, we will provide the content in a different format.