Scholarship Information

The scholarship information on this page was shared with students in a February 2022 newsletter for the Class of 2022. Scholarships listed as having a separate application (noted by each entry below) can be downloaded and printed, and are also currently available in the Guidance Office.

Scholarships without a separate form may be applied for by submitting the 2022 Local Scholarships Opportunities form, and students should note the scholarships for which they qualify. Note that students applying for scholarships that require a separate application should also indicate they are applying for those scholarships on the same form.

Note: Scholarships that require a separate application are listed on pp. 1-2 of the form, and those that do not require an additional application are on pp. 3-4. Details about requirements for each scholarship are also noted below.

Scholarships are free money, so you want to apply for as many as you can! On this page are the local scholarships available to Xenia High School Students. The application deadline for these scholarships is Wednesday, March 2, 2022. 

All applications should be completed neatly in ink or typed and turned into Ms. Spitz in the Guidance Office (DO NOT mail them yourself!)


Scholarships listed in this section require an additional application. Download the application by clicking the link for each scholarship, or pick up paperwork in the Guidance Office. Students must still complete the 2022 Local Scholarship Opportunities form (linked above) to indicate they are applying for these scholarships:

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Rho Omega Chapter* (Separate application required)

  African American Female 
  2.5 GPA
  This application has own mailing/emailing instructions

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Chi Lambda Chapter* (Separate application required)

  Minority, Male
  3.0 GPA
  3 Letters of Recommendation, Essay, Transcript
  Academic Achievement - Need, leadership, commitment to betterment of humanity
  Plan to attend a historically black college

American Legion Foody-Cornwell Post 95 Scholarship* (Separate application required) 
$1000 (Approximate)

  First choice ~Dependent/Relative of American Legion Post Member
  Second choice ~ Dependent of Active Duty Military
  2 or 4 year college, acceptance letter
  2.5 GPA Minimum

Delta Sigma Theta Wilberforce Alumnae Chapter* (Separate application required)

  2 or 4 year college
  2.5 GPA
  Living in Greene County – Minority Only
Florida A & M University* (Separate application required)

  Must attend Florida A&M University

George J. Graham Scholarships * (Separate application required)
2 @ approximately $1,000 

  Upper 30% Decile
  Financial statement

Hughes Book Award * (Separate application required)

  Strong work ethic - 200 word essay on work ethics and reasons to be considered
  2.0 – 2.5 GPA
  Good attendance, good school citizen
  3 teacher recommendations
  Must have attended XHS at least 2 years

Jim Fleisher Scholarship* (Separate application required)

  4 year college
  Major in Education

John E. Meyer, II, Memorial Scholarship* (Separate application required)
$2000, amount to student(s) depends on need

  Pursue Higher Education
  Physical handicap or disability

John Williams Jr.* (Separate application required)

  Must attend a trade school

Kenneth Thornhill Colbert Memorial Scholarship (Separate application required)

  3.0 or above GPA
  Leadership experience
  Pursue career in social justice

P.A.L.S. Award *(Separate application required) 

  4-year college
  Minority Only
  GPA 2.5 and above

Shirley J. Ellis and X*ACT Theater Scholarship* (Separate application required)
$750 (1)
$500 (1)

  2.0 GPA, transcript, 300 word essay
  Participated in Theater Arts
  3 letters of recommendation                
Tecumseh Alumni Scholarship* (Separate application required)
(2) $300
  Former Tecumseh student 

William Spahr Memorial* (Separate application required)
(2) $2,500 

  honest, kind-hearted
  goal oriented, good character

Xenia Community Schools Foundation* (Separate application required)

  3.75 GPA
  2 or 4 year college
  School and/or Community Activities, Leadership, Service

Xenia Education Support Professionals* (Separate application required)

  Dependent of XESP member

Xenia High School Alumni Scholarship Class of 1973* - Renewable (Separate application required) 
$1,000 – Initial – Renewable/attending a 2 or 4 year college

  Academic achievement, financial need, leadership,
  Concern for other

Xenia Youth Athletic Association-Wee Bucs Organization* (Separate application required)

  Commitment to Community
  Available to all students in Greene County who participated in Wee Bucs
  List community involvement/service
  Essay how football enriched life


No additional application is needed for the following scholarships. Students should check those for which they qualify, and submit using the 2022 Local Scholarship Opportunities form (also linked at the top of this page).

Darrel and Johnena Herdman Memorial Scholarship              

  Academic achievement, financial need, leadership, involved in athletics
  2 or 4 year college

Dorothy and Edwin C. Kingsbury Memorial Scholarship

  Degree in Education
  4yr accredited college or university

Gale Adkins Memorial Scholarship

  Academic achievement/3.5 GPA or above
  Financial need
  Participation in one of the following activities each year of high school interscholastic athletics, performing arts or community service
  Attendance in XCS 1-12 grade
  Accepted to attend a state college or university

Glenora J. Mercer Memorial Scholarship
(5) $3,000

  Ohio College, 2 or 4 yr
  Major in Music, Science or Mathematics

Greene County Sheriff’s Office Youth Activity Fund
2 @ $750

  2 or 4 year college, need

James Joseph McHarg Scholarship

  Positive personal character
  Accepted to 2 or 4 year college
  Academic achievement 
  Consideration given to student pursuing a career related to Science or Math

Knights of Columbus Council 1801

  Grades and attendance are factors used in selection
  Community Service must be documented/described
  Plan to major in service related field in college
  Accepted to 2 or 4 year college

Lorin McNeal Scholarship
(3) $750  ea


Louise and Wilfred Jones Memorial Scholarship

  Aviation Field, Music Education or Business

Marsha Smith Memorial Scholarship

  Academic achievement, financial need, leadership
  4 years of Honors Math classes
  Any 4 year college

McKinley Elementary PTO

  Former McKinley Student
  Academic achievement, leadership, financial need

P.D. Wickline Scholarship 

  XHS or GCCC student
  Continuing college education in the field of agriculture or related area

Pete Shagin - Cox School P.T.O.  Award

  Attended Cox Elementary School
  If member of school patrol, indicate number of years
  2 or 4 year college

Rocky Thomas 

  Top student varsity athlete
  GPA 3.00   

SHP Scholarship

  Majoring in architecture, design or engineering
Shawnee / Spring Hill Elementary PTO Scholarship

  Attended Shawnee  or Spring Hill Elementary for at least 3 years
  3.0 GPA or higher
  Plan to attend 2 or 4 year school
  Academic achievement, financial need and leadership
  Attend Shawnee’s year end program

Walter Sellers Memorial Scholarship

  XHS Graduate
  Attend Central State University

Xenia Committee to Assist Youth Organization Scholarship  

  25%-50% Decile
  Continuing college education, Females only

Xenia Education Association Scholarship 
2 @ $1,500

  Student majoring in Teacher Education
  4 year college

XHS Renaissance

  Renaissance member/aide

XHS Student Council

  Minimum 2 year member

XHS National Honor Society

  Leadership, Character, Service, NHS Member


Loan Opportunity

Paul B. Evers Loans (Separate application required)
$400 - $1000 (renewable)

  Reside within city limits of Xenia
  2 or 4 year college in Ohio
  Parents must complete a confidential financial statement- 
  Forwarded to Trust Attorney for consideration