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2022-23 XHS Yearbooks – Order Yours Today!!

Orders are now being accepted for the XHS 2022-23 yearbook.  Orders can be placed online at, at the XHS
fee office, or with Mr. Frank (
[email protected]).   The price depends on when the yearbook is ordered.   The sooner
the better!  If ordered by October 14 the cost is $69.00; if ordered by December 21, the cost is $73.00;
if ordered after December 21, the cost is $77.00.  Please contact Mr. Frank at 
[email protected] with any questions.


Senior Information for 2022-23 XHS Yearbook


YEARBOOK: This Is YOUR Yearbook. Be In it!!  


Senior Headshots:   (Please pay attention to the dates. Last year, only 60% of seniors met the deadline.)

Senior headshots must be scheduled for your photo to appear in the yearbook. Headshots are different than your
Senior portraits which include several outfits and poses.

Option 1 - Schedule with Mr. Frank's Interactive Media students from September 12-21, 2022. The cost is $20.00, and
you will receive a print of your headshot.  Click here to schedule your appointment.

Option 2 - Schedule with BetterImages Portrait Studio October 17, 24, or 25 or November 2. The cost is $25. Schedule
online through this link or the form on their Website or by calling (937) 562-3205.

NOTE: This is a portrait on a blue studio background that will be used in the Senior section of the
yearbook.  Please dress nicely.  No hats or t-shirts. Dress to show that you are proud to be a
graduating Senior.


Senior Baby Pictures:   These will be collected digitally or as a printed photograph.  There is no charge for this, but it’s fun
to have a baby picture included in the Senior section.   E-mail pictures to 
[email protected] or bring them to XHS Room C119.


Senior Ads: Show your love by buying a space in the yearbook to recognize a Senior.   Design and pay for your
ad at or by contacting Mr. Frank at [email protected].

Please contact Mr. Frank at [email protected] with any questions.