New Student Clinic Letter

On this page, you will find a digital version of the 2023-2024 New Student Packet from our school nurses! The letter and relevant attachments can be found below:

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Xenia Community Schools! Health Services is excited about the start of your child’s  school year.  Please review the following information and complete any forms in this packet that are applicable to your child. Please reach out to your school’s nurse if you have any questions.

  1. Your child’s up to date shot record per Ohio Department of Health requirements is required prior to the first day of school. Please contact your physician or Five Rivers Greene County Health Center: 708-3400 to schedule an appointment for immunizations if you do not have a physician. (See Immunization Summary for School Attendance). 
  2. A Request for the Administration of Medication at School form signed by the doctor and a parent for the new school year is required if your child will take medication while at school. You will need a form for each medication.  This form is required for all medications- prescription or over the counter, including cough drops. The form must be reviewed by a licensed nurse prior to being administered at school.
  3. Health services will be conducting routine vision screenings. To help us determine if your child needs to be referred directly to an eye care specialist, please complete the Hearing and Vision Screening Requirements  form.  
  4. Please turn in any medical records pertaining to your child’s care at school. An Authorization to Release Confidential Information form should be completed by a parent if there is a need for the school to communicate directly with your child’s healthcare provider
  5. Please keep Final Forms updated with up to date medical information. Medical changes over the school year need to be addressed with clinic staff if it will impact care at school.

Health and Safety Facts     
Dress your child for safety and comfort. No strappy sandals, slip on sandals, or heels. Safe gym shoes with velcro are the best. Consider dressing in layers. 

Teach your child to sneeze into their elbows and use tissues.

Practice good handwashing techniques to include washing with soap vigorously after playing outside, being around animals, going to the bathroom, after blowing their nose and before eating. Handwashing is the best defense against disease. 

Make sure all possible pick up adults are listed in Final Forms. 

Take time to review the When to Keep Your Child Home from School document.

Hearing and Vision Screening Information: 
We will be administering vision and/or hearing screenings to all preschool, kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th grade students every school year.  We will also screen students who are new to the district and students who failed a vision or hearing screening the previous school year or based upon parent/teacher recommendations.

Why is it important to have your child’s hearing and vision screened?

  • Hearing and vision are important for speech, language development, reading and learning.
  • Screenings can detect if your child needs further hearing or vision testing.
  • Even if your child has passed a hearing or vision screening previously, their hearing and vision can change.
  • Hearing and vision problems can be related to medical problems.
  • Hearing and vision loss are invisible and a child may appear to not be paying attention.
Vision screening will consist of any of the following tests: 
  • Observation 
  • Monocular Distance Visual Acuity 
  • Stereopsis test (depth perception)
  • Color deficiency test 
Hearing screening will consist of using the following test:
  • Audiometry - Screening of hearing acuity.

If your child passes the hearing and vision screenings, you will not be contacted by the school nurse. These screenings provide only a snapshot of how your child performs on the day the test was administered and is not a substitute for a complete eye exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist and a complete hearing evaluation by an audiologist.  If your child fails one or both of the screenings, you will be informed of test results and a referral will be sent to you. 

Please do not expect the clinic to assess your child for possible medical conditions. The clinics are for school based emergencies. Your child’s school does not have a licensed nurse every day all day. Refer to your parent handbook regarding when to keep your child home from school. Please notify your child’s school of their illnesses and what symptoms they are experiencing or diagnosed. The district monitors illness/symptoms and works closely with the local health department regarding any illness outbreaks.

We look forward to collaborating with you to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for your child.


Alesha Stringfellow, RN, BSN, LSN
(Xenia High School, Tecumseh, Online Edge)

Alison Beach, RN, BSN, LSN
(Cox Elementary, McKinley Elementary)

Darla Gray, LPN Health Services Facilitator
(Arrowood, Warner, Dayton Children’s Health Center)

Beth Huston, LPN
(Shawnee Elementary, Xenia Preschool)