Open Enrollment

"Open Enrollment" applies ONLY to:
1) out-of-district students who are eligible to enroll at XCS (see below), OR
2) resident students who want to attend an elementary school other than the one assigned based on their home address. 

This form is only step one of enrollment for these new students. ALL students who are new to the district must also complete enrollment through Final Forms, as detailed on our main Enrollment page. Current district residents should update Final Forms information as necessary. 

NOTE: Due to the impact of all new student registrations, which continue throughout the summer, the final determination for open enrollment requests will not be complete until early August each year.

Steps to Apply for Open Enrollment: 

1. Choose the form needed for your student:

DOWNLOAD the 2023-2024 application form for out-of-district residents , available when registrations opens April 28, 2023.
Not sure if you qualify? Read the FAQs below to learn about the XCS Open Enrollment process and which districts are eligible. If you are trying to enroll for the current school year and need this form, email [email protected].

- OR - 

Intra-district enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year has now CLOSED.  
This option for Xenia residents who want to open enroll their student to another elementary building is only open for a limited window of time each spring, generally in April – May, for the following school year.  

NOTE: Intra-district open enrollment for Xenia residents who want to open enroll to another elementary building is no longer available. The dates for the 2023-2024 school year were Friday, April 28 – Friday, June 2. YOU MAY NOT USE A FORM FROM PREVIOUS YEARS OR THE OUT-OF-DISTRICT ENROLLMENT FORM FOR INTRA-DISTRICT ENROLLMENT. See FAQs below for additional information.

2. Complete the entire form, making sure that you answer every question. 
Parent/Guardian must sign the form by EITHER: 
     1) signing digitally with a PDF Reader such as the free version of Adobe Acrobat (not installed on XCS Chromebook devices), OR 
     2) printing, signing, and scanning the document to return.

3. Be sure to SAVE the file so that your information is stored; do not simply close the form. (You may choose to "save as" and change the file name to include the applicant's name.)

4. EMAIL your new file to the enrollment coordinator: [email protected]

Questions? Email [email protected]


What is open enrollment? 
In Ohio, open enrollment allows a student to attend school tuition-free in a district other than the district where their parents reside. 

Do all Ohio schools participate in open enrollment? 
No. Each district may decide whether or not to accept students through open enrollment, and must choose each spring whether or not they will participate for the following school year. 

Does Xenia participate in open enrollment? When can I apply?
Xenia does participate in Ohio's open enrollment process, but only accepts students from adjacent districts. Open enrollment for students from eligible districts (known as inter-district enrollment) can take place any time throughout the year. The application & directions are available on this page.

For Xenia residents with an elementary student who want to open enroll to a different building within the district, that process is only available in late spring (April/May) for the following school year. This process is known as intra-district enrollment, and a separate application form will be posted when that enrollment period opens. 

Which school districts are permitted in XCS's open enrollment process? 
Students whose parents reside in the following school districts are eligible for open enrollment: Bellbrook-Sugarcreek LSD, Beavercreek LSD, Cedar Cliff LSD, Clinton Massie LSD, Greeneview LSD, Wayne LSD, Wilmington LSD, and Yellow Springs LSD. 

Note that Fairborn LSD residents are not eligible for open enrollment.

I am a Xenia resident who has submitted an application to open enroll at another building for next school year. When will I be notified if my child was accepted?
Note that all intra-district applications will be processed prior to notices being sent to families. This can take several weeks following the deadline at the end of May, depending on the number of applications. Families will receive notice directly from our enrollment coordinator by August each year.

When will I find out if my application for open enrollment has been approved?
Due to ongoing enrollment from students who live in the area for each building, the final determination for open enrollment requests will not be finalized until the first week of August each year. 

If my child is accepted, do I have to apply every year for open enrollment?
Yes. Any students who open enroll to the district must submit the application paperwork each year.