Concert Band

Advisor: Mr. Lewis
Email: [email protected]


*Students wishing to participate in this class must have successfully completed 8th Grade Band or by successfully auditioning for the instructor.
*Open to grades 9, 10, 11 and 12
*Students who take this class MUST participate in fundraising projects AND attend performances outside of the regular school day.

The XHS Concert Band is the high school ensemble in which all 9th grade band students are enrolled unless an outstanding freshman audition warrants placement in the Symphonic Band. Students taking this course are provided with a balanced, comprehensive study of music through the concert band, which develops skills in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains.  Ensemble and solo activities are designed to develop elements of musicianship including, but not limited to: (1) tone production, (2) technical skills, (3) intonation, (4) music reading skills, (5) listening skills, (6) analyzing music, and (7) studying historically significant styles of literature. Time outside of the school day may be scheduled for dress rehearsals and performances throughout the school year.

Concert Band students are strongly encouraged to perform at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble adjudicate event each winter. The Concert Band may perform at OMEA District Large Group Adjudicated Event in March, at the OMEA State Large Group Adjudicated Event in April (if qualified), at all regular band concerts and may travel to national and international music festivals.

Students enrolled in Concert Band or Symphonic Band have the option of participating in the XHS Marching Band, Jazz Band and Pep Band. Participation in annual fundraising projects is expected. Attendance at concerts is REQUIRED.