College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus is an initiative by the Ohio Department of Education to allow high school students to attain college credit up to 30 semester hours per school year tuition free at Ohio public institutions. The college courses will be added to the students' high school and college transcripts. It will be the students' responsibility to ensure the college courses taken transfer to the college or university of their choosing by talking to individual colleges or using an online service such as Students will also be responsible for obtaining transcript of completed coursework to the institution they are transferring the credits.

 FAQs Frequently Asked Questions for Parents & Students CLICK HERE
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 Application Download the 2023-24 School Year Letter of Intent. Be sure to download the PDF to complete, print, and sign. Remember that students must complete this form every year! 

Additional considerations for participation in College Credit Plus: 

College Readiness - There is increased student responsibility for learning because of increased rigor and less instructional guidance. Classes are designed to be an entry level college class, not a high school class.

  1. Scope and Sequence - Colleges and Universities require prerequisites for some courses; course offerings at the high school are designed to align with the state standards.
  2. Transportation is the student's responsibility.
  3. Blending of schedules may reduce opportunities at the high school.
  4. When students are taking classes on campus; blending of calendars means that the student is responsible for attendance at both college and Xenia High School; if Xenia High School cancels and the college/or university does not, the student it still required to be in class.
  5. State mandated deadlines.


Q. Can our child continue classes through summer break online or in class?
Yes, students are eligible to take summer classes under CCP funding.

Q. Are the CCP classes “weighted?”
College Credit plus courses are considered a part of an advanced program, so they will be weighted.

Q. How will this affect class standing vs. AP classes?
Students' class standing depends on their schedule and what courses they are taking. This will remain the case with CCP courses because they are weighted. Our district understands many students strive to be the top of their class. We value and encourage this pursuit of academic rigor. However, we also value and encourage our students to be well-rounded academically and pursue courses that will engage their minds and pique their interest, regardless of grading scale, to leave them with a positive and lasting impression of their high school years.

Q. What is the cost if a person doesn't pass a course?
The student is responsible for the cost of courses and books if they do not pass.

Q. Are the credits transferable to other colleges?
Yes, transfer is guaranteed to other public institutions in Ohio. Private institutions and out-of-state institutions have their own guidelines. See the following link for details:

USEFUL LINKS (A Guide to College Credit Plus for Students & Families) (Infohio resource for parents, student, teachers, and counselors) (Frequently Asked Questions)