WMS Construction FAQs

FAQs for Warner Middle School

What is the facility master plan in reference to Warner Middle School? 
The new Warner Middle School will be built on the current site, replacing the 1962 building, which is in serious need of new heating, plumbing, roofing, electrical, air conditioning and fire systems. 

The current building will remain in operation during construction of the new facility, which will have better traffic flow and make the school a good neighbor to the area.

The State of Ohio determined that replacing the facility is a more cost-effective way to modernize learning environments while operating more efficiently and providing greater safety measures, fire protection and handicap accessibility.

When will the new building open?
The plan is to open the new Warner Middle School for the 2024-2025 school year. 

What is the cost of the new facility?
The bond issue passed on the May 4, 2021 ballot will generate the $36M needed for construction of the new 1,100-student facility.  

What will the new facility look like? 
Renderings are now available for the public to view, and new images will be added as planning decisions are made.

Like any new district facility, WMS will be designed to meet the needs of students now and in the future in terms of infrastructure, security, and more. 
At a minimum, WMS will meet current standards for school safety, including: 

• Secure Entrances – Visitors would enter through a single double-door location, and must be buzzed into the building.
 Safe Spaces by Grade – Grade-bands designed with restrooms to be self-contained and reduce the number of students in hallways.
• Door Glass & Angles – Classroom doors are located and angled to create space that is invisible from the hallway.
 Lockdown System – A lockdown system allows for immediate signal of an intruder, can close and lock doorways between wings of a building, and notify local officials immediately.
• Camera Upgrades – Cameras to monitor busy hallways and remote entrances, deter vandalism, and provide school leaders with reliable information. 

I remember seeing dozens of possible plans. How did you settle on this one for Warner Middle School?  
For the better part of two years, the district brought together a mix of community voices with a range in viewpoints to assess those options. This Visioning Committee narrowed down options by eliminating ones that made the least sense, as well as considering the opinions they heard talking to friends and neighbors. 

Based on the facilities assessments, it was apparent to the committee members that the most urgent need was to replace Warner Middle School. Built in 1962, this building is now over capacity, as it was built to hold 823 students and there are 951 students in the building this school year. Ultimately, the Visioning Committee made its recommendation to the XCS Board of Education to replace WMS.