Chemistry Club


Mr. Jubara
Telephone: (937) 372-6983 (Ext 8228)
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Gagliano
Telephone: (937) 372-6983 (Ext 8229)
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Amole
Telephone: (937) 372-6983 (Ext 8244)
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Bongers
Telephone: (937) 372-6983 (Ext 8217)
Email: [email protected]


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The members of the Chem Club consist of 11 & 12 grade students in a chemistry course who have proven to be reliable students leaders in the area of science. Chem Club students produce and direct an interactive science demonstration show that they then present at the elementary schools within our District.   Chem Club members also share their love of science by going into elementary classrooms to lead science lessons and activities.   Chem Club's goal is to educate, engage, and get others excited about science because....Science is FUN! 

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