About the Online Edge Student


The Online Edge is for 6-12 students who:
● Are self-motivated, independent learners
● Are willing to stay focused with limited adult interaction
● Are comfortable without a lot of socialization
● Are physically and mentally able to be on a computer for hours each day
● Are comfortable and independent with technology (Chromebook, email, and online learning platform)
● Require minimal support services
● Have transportation and flexible schedules to attend in-person meetings to receive tutoring when needed and to meet with Online Edge teachers
● Have at least a 2.4 GPA

The Online Edge is not recommended for students who:
● Are in grades Pre-K-5
● Do not have transportation and/ or flexible schedules
● Need to recover credits
● Need daily social interaction

In addition, the XCS Online Edge will not be an option for quarantined students or students with an extended absence. Extended absences from in-person school will be addressed by the student’s in-person teacher and principal. 

If a student has health issues that prevent them from attending in person, contact the building principal to inquire about homebound services.

At home, students participating in remote learning will need:
● An adult in the home who can help troubleshoot technology issues and ensure the student attends mandatory onlineand in person sessions.
● Maintain appropriate online behavior, engagement, and work completion
● Has reliable internet and a personal device OR ability to pick up a Chromebook from Xenia Community Schools

Be sure to check the Program Details page for additional information about the program.