Miniatures Gaming





Many tabletop games use miniatures, which are small plastic or metal figures used to mark positions, stand in for players, etc. Blood Bowl, Warhammer, and Warmachine are all examples of miniature-based games, as is Risk!

The vast majority of miniatures are supplied unpainted. There are many different companies out there putting out a wildly varying level of quality of miniatures. Most the ones we use are made by Citadel Miniatures, a division of Games Workshop. There's a ton of other great manufacturers out there; the quality just keeps getting better and better. If you have a 3D printer, the sky's the limit, as there's lots and lots of websites with .stls that let you print entire armies! Some excellent lines are the Confrontation line from Rackham (now OOP)Reaper minis, and the Privateer Press stuff for Warmachine and Hordes.  The Wizkids Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures and Deep Cuts are great for D&D figures, NPCs, and scenery. 


All minis look better when painted. Painting is a skill that some take to naturally, and some have to work hard at. Here's a few painting sites that will help you out.

The XGC Painting Guide-- short, sweet, and to the point.

The Craft-- Reaper Miniature's how to page. Little confusing to navigate sometimes, but useful.

Chest of Colors-- Very good, thorough resource for painting minis.

How To Paint Miniatures-- good, basic how-to guide. Well done.

Storm the Castle Painting Guide-- decent little guide for painting. Lots of ads. Just ignore those.


Sorastro's Painting-- This YouTube channel has tutorials on amazing paintjobs for various lines of minis. He makes it look sooooo easy.

You can find many other quality how-to sites by searching for painting miniatures on Google.