One Call Now

OneCall Now logoXenia Community Schools uses OneCall Now for family communications, sharing district-wide updates about school closing due to weather, as well as major event reminders and updates. The system is also used by principals to communicate critical information to families in their buildings. 


Q: I received a message that was cut off or hard to hear on my voicemail. How do I know what the call was about? 
A: If you receive a message on your voicemail that is incomplete, or your voicemail box was full at the time of the call, you can call in to retrieve the message:

1. Call one of the following numbers: 
877-698-3261 -OR- 866-321-4255 -OR- 614-384-2335 

2. Follow the spoken directions to access your calls. (If you are calling from the number used by the system, it should recognize your number. If you are calling from another line, you may need to enter the 10-digit number that the system usually calls.)

3. Press 1 to hear the latest message. You will have the option to listen to that message, or press 2 to choose a previous message. 

Q: How do I update my number for calls? 
A: All phone numbers for OneCall Now come directly from your student's emergency information as submitted through Final Forms. You can update your primary number there; the OneCall Now system syncs every night with our database, so your changes will be uploaded by the next day.

Because these systems work together, it is very important that families provide accurate contact information in Final Forms. A simple typo, or not reporting a changed phone number, can cause phone calls to be routed to non-Xenia families. 

Q: I do not have children in the district, but am receiving messages that I do not want.
A: You may have a number that was previously owned by a Xenia Community Schools family, or your number was incorrectly entered* as student contact information. You have several options: 

1) Opt out using this online form.

2) Opt out from the phone call itself:
If you answer the phone when the call comes through, you should wait for the end of a call and follow the directions to opt out. 

If you are hearing the call on a voicemail, follow the directions above to retrieve the message and choose option 4 (during step 3) to opt out of calls. Follow the prompts to complete the process. 

There are additional options for opting out. READ MORE from OneCall Now

*Note that if your number has been added to our call list because it was submitted by a parent/guardian through Final Forms as a student family contact number, it will be added back into the system when it syncs each night. If you have opted out but are still receiving calls, please email [email protected] and someone will follow up with you.

Q: I used to receive calls, but opted out. I would like to begin receiving those calls again. What should I do?
A: If you accidentally opted out, or simply changed your mind, you can opt back in to calls by using any of the numbers, and follow the verbal prompts: 
877-698-3261 -OR- 866-321-4255 -OR- 614-384-2335 

Do you have other questions, or are you experiencing a problem not listed here?
Reach out to your building secretary for assistance.