Students Get In-Person Look at Courts

Students Get In-Person Look at Greene County Courts
Posted on 02/10/2023
This week, nearly 130 Juniors taking U.S. Government this year spent the morning observing the Greene County Court system in action, as the jury selection for two upcoming court cases took place in the Bob Hope Auditorium! 

Due to the number of potential jurors called for the cases, the court needed the additional room for seating, giving our students the opportunity to observe the process in person. Court was presided over by Judge Adolphus Tornichio, and students were also able to ask questions of one of the court bailiffs before the proceeding began.

Students learned a lot about how the jury selection process actually works. They were also able to see friends and neighbors — and even teacher Ryan Lynch who was called as a potential juror that day! — in the jury pool, which made the process more real for them.

The program was arranged by Judge Tornichio's Bailiff, Alonzo Wilson, a former XPD captain who supervised the SRO program during his tenure with the Xenia Police Department. The students spoke with Bailiff Chris Sykes (pictured above with Social Studies teachers Jessica Parker and John Miller) prior to the hearing.