Sharing is Caring End-of-Year Service Project

Sharing is Caring Club at McKinley Goes to the Dogs
Posted on 05/18/2023
McKinley Elementary is going to the dogs... for a good cause! The Sharing Is Caring Club at McKinley wrapped up the year with a visit from Jarrod Mitchell from Green County Animal Care and Control and his friend Gladys.

The club made snuffle mats for the dogs staying at the Greene County Animal Control agency so they would have something healthy and entertaining to do while waiting on their forever homes. Jarrod spoke with the students about the services they provide and how they promote adopting an animal in need. The students met Gladys, an older dog, who is waiting to be adopted. They also got to see Gladys use the snuffle mat and enjoy the treats that were buried inside. 

It was a great way for students to learn about another community resource and to make a donation to all the wonderful dogs waiting for homes. 

📷 Mrs. Strickland