Kids of Character February 2024

Kids of Character Recognized at February Board Meeting
Posted on 02/13/2024

At the February 12 Board of Education meeting, we recognized our Kids of Character for the district! Each month, one student from each building is recognized for modeling positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, and integrity for their fellow students.

Congratulations to our February 2024 Kids of Character: 

  • Xenia Preschool: Shaw Wayne Couch
  • Arrowood Elementary: Prim Thornburg*
  • Cox Elementary: Everly Senter
  • McKinley Elementary: Emilee Ekberg
  • Shawnee Elementary: William Beam
  • Tecumseh Elementary: Kadence Stultz
  • Warner Middle School: Kaylee Gossett
  • Xenia High School: Mason Rubio
*not pictured

Xenia Preschool: Shaw Wayne Couch 
Shaw Wayne comes to school each day with a big smile on his face. He enjoys participating in classroom activities and sharing his thoughts with the class. Shaw Wayne takes pride in his classroom job each day. When he is the classroom greeter, he makes sure each student gets a turn to pick a greeting. Shaw Wayne makes an effort to include everyone during playtime. He shares toys with help and encourages others to clean up and take care of the classroom. I have enjoyed watching Shaw Wayne grow academically and socially in preschool. He has a great sense of humor and keeps me laughing. Keep up the great work, Shaw Wayne; We are proud of you!

Arrowood Elementary:Prim Thornburg 
Arrowood is proud to announce 2nd grader Prim Thornburg as our February Kid of Character. This month our school is focusing on Perseverance, and Prim does an excellent job displaying perseverance in the classroom. Mrs. Cravens, her teacher writes: Prim is a joy to have in class. She is a hard worker and always does her best when she faces a challenge. She works hard and does not give up. Prim continues to have a sweet and happy spirit through it all. We are so proud of you, Prim!

Cox Elementary: Everly Senter
Everly is a true example of a Cox Shining Star. Everly always follows directions and leads by example. She is a hardworking and humble student who goes out of her way to be kind to the people around her. She is good natured and always puts a smile on her classmates' face. Everyone is responsible and respectful, even when she thinks no one is watching. Way to go, Everly!

McKinley Elementary: Emilee Ekberg
I would like to congratulate Emilee Ekberg on being McKinley's Kid of Character for February. Emilee is a hardworking and thoughtful student. She is a positive role model for her fellow peers by showing respect, responsibility, and compassion in and out of the classroom. She is such a delight to have in class! Keep up the great work, Emilee!

Shawnee Elementary: William Beam
William was chosen to be the Kid of Character for this month because he demonstrates a heart of gratitude daily. William never demands things or thinks he should always have what others have. When things are shared with or given to William, he always lights up and communicates to that person how thankful he is for them and what was given. William is a great example to the other students at Shawnee! Congratulations, William!

Tecumseh Elementary: Kadence Stultz
This month, we focused on cooperation at Tecumseh, and Kadence is the perfect example of cooperation! Whenever something doesn’t go as planned, Kadence is always ready to be flexible without complaints. Every day, Kadence comes to school with a smile on her face and is ready for whatever the day brings. If a classmate does not have a partner or someone to play with at recess, Kadence is the first to offer her friendship. She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is happy and has what they need. Kadence is an all-around wonderful girl, and we are so excited to celebrate her character!

Warner Middle School: Kaylee Gossett
Kaylee is a new addition to Warner Middle School this year, and she has made an overwhelmingly positive impression in just the first semester of 8th grade! She works incredibly hard each and every day, without fail. The focus and attention to detail that Kaylee puts into her efforts undoubtedly cinches her success. It’s no wonder that Kaylee is an academic standout! But she doesn’t let it stop there: Kaylee has a ready smile and will look you in the eye with a sincerity that melts your heart. Her pleasant demeanor and kind actions make her a good friend and community member. When it comes to character, Kaylee’s got it!

Xenia High School: Mason Rubio
Mason is an exemplary student-athlete, having participated in soccer, football, and lacrosse during his four years at XHS. Mason is a member of the National Honor Society and serves as its Treasurer. Mason is active in his church youth group. Mason's teachers describe him as a true leader and a positive influence in the classroom. Mason is friendly, supportive, and consistently leads by example. When not at work or training, Mason likes to spend time with friends and family, relaxing. Mason will attend either the University of Cincinnati or the University of Dayton, where he will pursue a degree in engineering. We are pleased to have Mason represent the High School as our February Kid of Character.