February 2023 Kids of Character

XCS Board of Education Recognizes the February Kids of Character
Posted on 02/14/2023

At the February 13 Board of Education meeting, we recognized our February Kids of Character for the district! Each month, one student from each building is recognized for modeling positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, and integrity for their fellow students. 

Congratulations to our February 2023 Kids of Character: 

  • Xenia Preschool: Carter Paxson
  • Arrowood Elementary: Sam Lindsay
  • Cox Elementary: Nyla Cain 
  • McKinley Elementary: Akria Woellert
  • Shawnee Elementary: Daniel Williams 
  • Tecumseh Elementary: Gibson Guyton
  • Warner Middle School: Violet Williams
  • Xenia High School: Jamell Smith

Xenia Preschool: Carter Paxson
Carter is a kind friend who makes good choices.  She is a leader in the classroom and does a great job including others.  She shows respect and responsibility in the classroom.  Carter always has a positive attitude toward school and enjoys learning new things. 

Arrowood Elementary: Sam Lindsay
Arrowood is proud to announce Sam Lindsay as our Arrowood Kid of Character.  Sam is in Mr. Toscani's second-grade classroom.  Mr. Toscani writes, "Sam has so many great qualities, and being an honest person is probably one of his best.  I can always count on Sam, to tell the truth, no matter what the situation is, and by doing so, he sets a great example for the rest of his peers in class.  This is a well-deserved award for Sam."

Cox Elementary: Nyla Cain 
This month's Cox Shining Star Student of Character is Nyla Cain. Nyla was nominated by her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Ruddy. She writes, "Nyla is very respectful to her teacher and her classmates. She is responsible and completes all of her schoolwork carefully. She takes a lot of pride in her work and in being a kind friend. Nyla is a wonderful example of Shining Star behavior." Congratulations Nyla!

McKinley Elementary: Akria Woellert
We are proud to honor Akira Woellert as McKinley's Kid of Character for February. Akira is respectful to both students and staff. She sets a good example for others by always being kind, and helpful to others and by always doing her best at whatever we are doing at school, in or out of the classroom. Akira is a very responsible student. She always comes to class prepared, is always on task, and consistently completes her work carefully with attention to detail. She is a great problem solver too. She works very well with other students and always comes up with fair, creative ways to solve problems. She works hard, never gives up, and brings a lot of joy to the classroom!

Shawnee Elementary: Daniel Williams 
Daniel has been chosen as the Student of Character for showing empathy during his time at Shawnee. There have been multiple situations where Daniel is aware of the feelings of others and goes out of his way to make sure they are doing okay. His kindness and care show through every day. I can always count on him to make a classmate feel welcome and cared for; thank you, Daniel. 

Tecumseh Elementary: Gibson Guyton
Gibson is my choice for the kid of character with the most perseverance.  He has a great deal of persistence when tackling any job.  When he thinks something is difficult, he still charges ahead and tries to do it with determination.  Gibson is very hard working and always tries his best.  He has “stick-to-itiv-ness”.  When looking for facts and answers, he digs and digs until he finds just the right thing he is looking for.  I appreciate his perseverance and know that he will be able to tackle all of life's challenges.  Keep it up.  Perseverance is a great quality to have.

Warner Middle School: Violet Williams
It is with great pleasure that the 7th Grade Teachers recommend Violet Williams with the honor of being our Kid of Character. Violet is a phenomenal young lady who shows the whole Warner community, by her everyday actions, what it means to be a Kid of Character and why she is deserving of this honor. 

At Warner, Violet is a great role model in the classroom. She is attentive, always willing to help her peers, and completes exemplary work. Outside of the classroom, Violet also participates in a variety of activities, including Warner’s volleyball team and leadership team. When given a job Violet makes sure it is done to the best of her ability and sees it through to the very end. A perfect example of this is, at the recent Holiday Dance that the leadership class put on, Violet was the very last student to leave after she made sure all the games and items were put back in their proper spot. Violet was also an amazing organizer and motivator in our school’s recent school food drive. Her dedication, kindness, and sense of community was evident throughout the entire project. Violet has a great personality, and a wonderful sense of humor is extremely hard-working, manages her time well, and works well with others. Warner and the world would be a better place with more people like Violet Williams in it. On behalf of the 7th Grade team of teachers, we applaud your efforts and are pleased to recognize you, Violet! 

Xenia High School: Jamell Smith
The High School would like to recognize Jamell Smith, Class of 23, as our February Student of Character.  Jamell has been a distinguished athlete while at XHS. He is a two-time All-Miami Valley League football player and was the 2022 MVL Defensive Player of the Year and a Division II First Team All-State defensive lineman. Jamell is also an accomplished wrestler, having won over 100 matches in his wrestling career and making it to the State Tournament as a junior. He most recently won both the 285-pound class and was named the Outstanding Wrestler at the Ben Logan Wrestling Invitational, an 18-team tournament. During his time at XHS, Jamell has been involved with the Spanish Club, the Chemistry Club, and Student Council. Jamell has a 2.95 GPA after seven semesters and has committed to attend Georgetown College in Kentucky, where he will play football and pursue a degree in Exercise Science.