2023 Speech Contest

2023 Speech Contest Runs from November 1-30
Posted on 10/27/2023
Xenia Community Schools is hosting our third annual speech contest! From November 1-30, XCS students of all ages are invited to compete, with four prizes to be awarded in each age group. The first place winner in each category will also be invited to give their speech in person at a future meeting of the Board of Education.

2023 TOPIC 
What does it mean to be a good friend?

Students who are in grades 3-12 will write a speech about what friendship means to them. K-2 students can read their favorite poem about friendship, OR complete the 3rd-5th grade option for an extra challenge!

Four awards will be given in every age group category:

1st place - $100 gift card 
2nd place- $75 gift card
3rd place- $50 gift card

Student speeches will be scored based on age-appropriate criteria. K-2 students should focus on qualities such as eye contact, speaking clearly and at a normal pace, and controlling their bodies. Older participants (grades 3-12) will be scored on speaking style and manner, body language, preparedness, speech content, and adhering to time limits.

The contest is open to all K-12 Xenia Community Schools students. All speeches must be submitted digitally using Loom (6-12) or Seesaw (K-5) to [email protected] by November 30, 2023. 

The ability to speak well is a critical life skill, no matter what career path students take! Learning to be an effective speaker means speaking clearly and in complete sentences, making eye contact and controlling body language, using logic to persuade others, and even learning to construct an argument to make your point well. While many students — and adults! — fear public speaking, being able to communicate verbally can have a positive impact on students throughout their life.