Elementary Counselors

School counselors help to keep students emotionally healthy and ready to learn. An Elementary Guidance Counselor provides counseling services to help students with emotional issues, problem-solving, healthy decision-making, crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and substance abuse prevention.

Arrowood Elementary

Kristy Christian

School Phone: (937) 372-9251 ext. 1103

Email: kchristian@xeniaschools.org

Cox Elementary

Erin O’Brien

School Phone: (937) 372-9201 ext. 2198

Email: eobrien@xeniaschools.org

McKinley Elementary

Kelly Strickland

School Phone: (937) 372-1251 ext. 3111

Email: kstrickland@xeniaschools.org

Shawnee Elementary

Natasha Grimsley

School Phone: (937) 372-6461 ext. 4103

Email: [email protected]

Tecumseh Elementary

Marisa Morrison

School Phone: (937) 372-3321 ext. 1162

Email: [email protected]