Flyer Approval Process



The Xenia Community Schools Board of Education (the “District”) has a substantial interest in promoting an educational atmosphere in its schools and among its students. The District also has a substantial interest in preventing the commercial exploitation of its students via advertising and promotions unrelated to the District, its affiliates, or its legitimate educational concerns.

The District limits the distribution of flyers to its students to those organizations whose activities are reasonably related to the District’s legitimate pedagogical concerns. Specifically, the District will only permit the distribution of flyers from the District itself, its affiliates, or those entities under contract with the District, and any other philanthropic or non-profit agencies whose activities are reasonably related to the District’s educational mission. All flyer requests by entities outside of the District must abide by the Flyer Approval Procedures. The District will not allow the distribution of flyers for wholly commercial purposes or purposes unrelated to the District’s educational mission.

It is important to note that we do not "backpack home" flyers from outside organizations. Instead, those flyers, if approved through our Flyer Approval Policy, will be made available to students in common areas (i.e. a flyer display in the school office, school hallway, cafeteria, and/or library.) A building Principal may decide to announce the flyer or the flyer’s program over the announcements.

Additionally, the District shall refuse distribution of any flyer which may, by such distribution, (1) be reasonably expected to promote a riot, mob action or violence of any kind, (2) promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of illegal drugs and/or narcotics, (3) disrupt the daily operations of the District or its instructional program, or (4) promote a religious activity that would favor one particular denomination over another, or favor all religious over non-religious practices.