December Kids of Character

Honoring Excellent Students

Each month we honor eight students, one from each school, for their academic integrity, responsibility, and positive attitude. Students honored at the December 10 Board of Education meeting were: Cambi Perry from Xenia Preschool, Samari Grooms from Arrowood, Trent Mitchell from Cox, Azalynn Mira from McKinley, Soraya Evege from Shawnee, Ra'Shaud Smith from Tecumseh, Reed Scarborough from Warner Middle, and Annuziata Palmer from Xenia High. Read about each exemplary student below:  

CAMBRI PERRY - Xenia Preschool

Cambri is an excellent student. Every afternoon, she comes in with a smile and a positive attitude. She is a good role model in class, working hard on challenging tasks and playing well with others. She enjoys helping around the classroom and helping her classmates. She is respectful to adults and classmates, follows school rules, and knows the routine well. Her happy and positive attitude make her a joy to have in the classroom.

SAMARI GROOMS - Arrowood Elementary

Samari has attended Arrowood since kindergarten, and she has always shown kindness to others. She doesn't do it for attention, but because she knows that it is the right thing to do. She is a hard working student as well. Samari is a second grader in Mrs. Wallace's class. Samari values completing her assignments to the best of her ability, and her positive behaviors shine through on a daily basis.

TRENT MITCHELL - Cox Elementary

Trent was nominated for this honor by his first grade teacher Mrs. Dixon, and she reports that he is a model first grade student. He is always on task and is willing to help his peers. In the hallway, Trent never needs to be redirected because he is always modeling shining star behavior. Mrs. Dixon says he is a joy to have in class. 

AZALYNN MIRA - McKinley Elementary

Azalynn is a third grade student at McKinley. She always comes to school with a smile on her face and she is ready to learn. She is a model student who works hard, even when the work is challenging. She is earning excellent grades because of her hard work. Azalynn in a PAX Leader, setting an example for others through her kindness to everyone. She encourages her classmates and makes everyone's day brighter.

SORAYA EVEGE - Shawnee Elementary

Soraya is a very cooperative student because she gets along with all of her classmates and enjoys working with others. She uses positive words toward other students and give them words of encouragement. If her teachers ask her to help around the classroom, she does without any hesitation and expects nothing in return. Soraya follows the rules every day and earns high marks. 

RA'SHAUD SMITH - Tecumseh Elementary

Ra'Shaud always comes to school and is on time and prepared for the day. Anytime there is a problem or a job needs to be done, he can be counted on! When students have problems with their computers he is always more than willing to lend a hand. When a new students joined his class, Ra'Shaud always made sure the student knew the routine and would help with anything they needed. He is a very kindhearted student and an excellent example of a Kid of Character.

REED SCARBOROUGH - Warner Middle School

Reed is an eighth grade students who shows integrity, motivation, and persistence. He has a great work ethic which has paid off by taking English 9 Honors and Algebra 1 Honors as an eighth grader. He is a top student whose test scores are admired by other students, but he is humble and modest about his abilities and accomplishments. He is respectful of his teachers, and is also appreciative of his education and all things that his teachers have to offer. He is a quiet student whose strength shines through in his actions on a daily basis. Reed participated in Cross Country for Warner, and he is also a Cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. He is a great role model for his peers.


Annanziata (known as Nancy) is known by her teachers and peers as one of the most accepting and understanding students. She is welcoming of all kinds of people, and she shows kindness to others. When her teacher brought in cookies for class, Nancy took it upon herself to make special cookies for her classmate who has an allergy to eggs. She didn't ask for praise, and she didn't make a big deal about it - she just quietly made the cookies and then gave them to the student because she didn't want him to feel left out. Nancy offers insightful comments to our class discussion, and she demonstrates what it means to be tolerant and respectful of all. Her heart and love for others makes her teachers smile. 

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