COVID-19 Dashboard

In accordance with the recommendation in the September 3, 2020 order from the Ohio Department of Health, XCS posts this online dashboard to keep our community updated each week about any current quarantines, as well as confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the district.

No additional information can be shared that would violate the privacy of the individual(s) involved. 

This dashboard is updated weekly, and is intended to provide a snapshot of the district that coincides with reporting to Greene County Public Health. These snapshot numbers are taken at the end of day on Tuesday, and posted by Friday. 

NOTE: If there is a concern related to one of our buildings, anyone impacted by the contact tracing process will be directly notified as soon as possible. In addition, every family with a student/staff member in that facility will be notified as to their status, whether they need to quarantine OR if they do not. Notifications will take place through email, as well as One Call.

COVID dashboard for 5/25/21.