2022 Vocal Ensemble

2022 Vocal Ensemble Celebration
Posted on 05/26/2022

Last week, our XHS Vocal Ensemble held their spring concert in the Bob Hope Auditorium on Monday, with their end-of-year celebration the following Friday. As you can likely tell from the photos of the after-dinner dance party of their masquerade-themed banquet, a great time was had by all! 

Thank you to all of the members for a wonderful year of music and memorable performances — and congratulations to all of our graduating seniors, too!

Ensemble Members in the Class of 2022:
Ella Andreassen, Faeryn Bass, Ashten Behlke, Emily Calhoun, Madison Evans, Gavin Gulley, TreyShawn Hoskins, Molly Jones, Larkavery Maloney, Jacob Martin, Will Miller, Leah Pagett, Meghan Parks, Darionna Porter, Kenyatta Taylor, Abbie VanDyke, Lorraine Vellia, Jobe Vogelsong

Students dance the night away at the 2022 Ensemble Banquet.

📷 Wild Rivers Photography