About XVA

Program Overview

The Xenia Virtual Academy (XVA) is a full-time program for students in grades 6 - 12. The XVA supports students who desire a nontraditional pathway to earning their diploma by blending learning, accelerating courses and schedules, and allowing for credit recovery. Students work on-campus 5 days a week - 3 hours per day. There will be additional course assignments that will need to be completed off-campus. Our online curriculum, Odysseyware, sets a minimum pace for students to obtain. All students who attend and complete Xenia Virtual Academy courses will receive credit toward a Xenia High School Diploma.


Students should be able to progress at a pace that supports their unique learning style. All students can succeed when the student, the school, and the home environment work together towards a common goal.


The mission of the Xenia Virtual Academy is to provide all self-directed students with web-based, high-quality programming to maximize their potential and graduate from high school.


The vision of the Xenia Virtual Academy is to provide individual students with a nontraditional, self-paced pathway to accessing education.