XHS Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy Updated for XHS Students
Posted on 01/04/2023

Effective Tuesday, January 3, Xenia High School now requires that all student cell phones be either left in a student’s school locker or be put in book bags during class times. Essentially, student cell phones should not be visible in a classroom during class time.

Students will still be able to use their phones during their study halls, lunch periods, and between classes.

If a student leaves class to go to the nurse’s office, the main office, the guidance office, or the restroom, they will be asked to leave their phones in their classroom.

Students who choose not to comply with this new policy will face disciplinary action up to and including ISI and a cell phone "contract" for the year.

It is important for families to remember that they can always contact their student during the day when necessary. Parents should call the main office at (937) 372-6983 to arrange to talk with their student. Our staff will immediately get your student to a place where they can talk with you. By the same token, we ask all family members not to contact your student during the school day by calling or texting their cell phones and expecting an immediate reply.

Thank you for helping us make cell phones less of a distraction for all of our students!