Severe Weather Action Plan

Severe Weather Action Plan
Posted on 02/18/2021
Because students can learn from home with the tools put into place for the school year, we will not always have traditional "snow days" as we have had in the past. However, other activities may be curtailed.

As communicated in the December 18 and January 4 E-News from the Superintendent, please note that when students are learning in person (Plan A), the district will EITHER shift to remote learning OR schedule a Calamity Day (traditional snow day), depending on the circumstances of the day. Two-Hour Delays are also an option, based on the weather and road conditions.

If a delay is not sufficient, there are essentially two options for the district:

Remote Learning Day - Students shift to the remote learning model; teachers may or may not be in the building, based on weather/assessment of safety.

Calamity Day - A "traditional" closed day with no school/classes. This type of closure may be called at the discretion of the Superintendent, based on circumstances. 

For complete details and updates, including the "bell schedule" for remote learning at WMS and XHS, visit the Severe Weather Action Plan