May 2023 Kids of Character

XCS Board Recognizes the May 2023 Kids of Character
Posted on 05/09/2023

At the May 8 Board of Education meeting, we recognized our Kids of Character for the district! Each month, one student from each building is recognized for modeling positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, and integrity for their fellow students. 

Congratulations to our May 2023 Kids of Character: 

  • Xenia Preschool: Everly Ferguson 
  • Arrowood Elementary: Dalton Hoskins
  • Cox Elementary: Caleigha Miller
  • McKinley Elementary: Ethan Johnson
  • Shawnee Elementary: Brynlee Newport 
  • Tecumseh Elementary: Natalie Premo (not pictured)
  • Tecumseh’s April Kid of Character: Cora Robertson 
  • Warner Middle School: Zach Elsner
  • Xenia High School: Colin Pham, Class of 2023

Xenia Preschool: Everly Ferguson 
Everly is a very sweet girl. This school year, she has opened up more and enjoys sharing with the class. A favorite topic of Everly's is her pet rabbits, Elsa and Ana. In the Library, she usually checks out books about rabbits. Everly is a helper in the classroom. She takes pride in helping other students follow the classroom routine. She will also hold other students' hands and help them walk in the hallway or help get their backpacks out of their lockers. Everly is a hard worker. She gives her best effort every school day. During playtime, you will often find Everly at the writing center or the art center. She always writes notes or makes crafts to take home to her family. She is an absolute joy to have in class, and I look forward to having her in my classroom next year.  

Arrowood Elementary: Dalton Hoskins

Arrowood is proud to announce Dalton Hoskins as our May Kid of Character. Dalton is a 5th-grade student in Ms. Sexten and Mrs. Lesko's class. Ms. Sexten writes, "Dalton works hard and never gives up! He uses his strategies to tackle challenging work and pushes himself to do better each day." Arrowood is also thankful for Dalton because he is a good friend to ALL students. Thank you, Dalton. You certainly deserve this recognition.

Cox Elementary: Caleigha Miller
Cox's Shining Star Kid of Character is Caleigha Miller. She was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Essig. She writes, "Caleigha is a Cox Shining Star student by being responsible and showing she cares. She is responsible for completing her classwork and homework. She participates in class and asks questions when she needs things clarified. Caleigha also shows she cares in many ways in our classroom and at school. She helps others during center time. She makes sure all students feel welcome and included in activities. Caleigha has a sweet spirit and that is shown in many aspects and ways during the day here at Cox. We are happy to have Caleigha a part of our class because she truly exemplifies what a Cox Kid of Character is about! Congrats Caleigha!"

McKinley Elementary: Ethan Johnson
McKinley would like to congratulate Ethan Johnson on being selected as McKinley’s Kid of Character for the month of May. Ethan serves as a positive role model for his fellow students. He shows great respect and responsibility both in the classroom and in the community. Ethan is a member of the McKinley Safety Patrol, and the Sharing is Caring Club. Ethan is eager to help the teachers and students throughout the day- making our classroom a place where others feel welcome. On top of all of that, Ethan also works extremely hard in class and consistently puts forth his best effort. Way to go, Ethan!! Your 5th-grade teachers are so proud of you!!

Shawnee Elementary: Brynlee Newport 
I chose Brynlee Newport for the Character Trait: Cooperation for the month of April and May. Brynlee has a very positive attitude every day and always is willing to help others solve problems. She works very well with others and knows how to listen to them and communicate respectfully.  She is an excellent leader, and I am very proud of her. Keep up the great work!  Congratulations Mrs. Baumgartner 

Tecumseh Elementary: Natalie Premo (not pictured)
It's hard to believe Natalie has not always been with us at Tecumseh Elementary. She jumped in, ready to go, setting an excellent example and doing her best every day. Her kind heart and inclusive personality fit right in with our school family. Natalie quickly volunteers for any task, and adults in the building know they can trust her to not only get the job done but exceed expectations. She is an extremely hard working and bright student who is sure to do amazing things throughout her life. Natalie is a Student Ambassador, leading all students to success and service. She helps foster relationships with students with disabilities, classmates, and students in the younger grades as well. Natalie sure is amazing, and we are going to miss her sweetheart next year!! 

Tecumseh’s April Kid of Character: Cora Robertson 
Fantastic Cora was our Kid of Character for Gratitude in November. She ALWAYS uses polite manners and shows appreciation for the things others do and the things she has. Cora is grateful for her family and how much they do for her. She is the first to say thank you when given something in the classroom or if she is working in small groups with the teacher and her classmates. But her excellent character doesn't stop at saying thank you. She asks adults how they are doing, returns kindness even if it is not deserved, and is mindful about the feelings of others. She is always prepared, listening, and can easily summarize a lesson. Cora works hard and is a wonderful example for others; way to go, Cora!! Tecumseh is lucky to have you!!

Warner Middle School: Zach Elsner
The seventh-grade team at Warner Middle School is proud to nominate Zach Elsner as the Seventh Grade Kid of Character for the month of May.  Zach is an excellent student that shines inside and outside of the classroom. He is not only a great role model for his peers but also a great example to everyone in the community. 

Zach is someone that every student could look up to, and there are many different reasons why we feel this way. When it comes to academics, Zach is extremely hardworking. He is always completing his assignments on time, and the work is always exemplary. Zach always asks questions when he doesn’t understand something and takes his time to make sure he is doing his work correctly. He is rarely absent from school, and when he is absent, he takes the time to email his teachers when he is out. Socially, Zach is someone that is so kind to everyone in the classroom. He is always there to lend a helping hand and gets along with everyone. You can always count on him to greet you with a smile. Zach is a well-rounded student that is involved in activities outside of the classroom as well. His track and cross country coach says that he is the biggest cheerleader and leader on the sideline for his teammates.

Charles Caleb Colton once said that “Character is what you do when nobody’s watching.” Zach is the kind of kid that does the right thing without the expectation of getting any recognition. Zach’s kindness, helpfulness, endless positivity, and work ethic make him a great nomination for the kid of character.

Xenia High School: Colin Pham, Class of 2023
Colin will be a Graduate of Distinction, earning a 4.667 Grade Point Average (GPA) through seven semesters, ranking him fifth in his Class.  Colin has excelled as a swimmer during his time at Xenia, having earned All-Miami Valley League distinction in all four years of competition.  This year, Colin qualified for the State championships, setting personal best times in both the 50-yard backstroke and the 100-yard backstroke and placing 20th in the state at the 100.  When he is not swimming, Colin is President of the National Honor Society and a member of Renaissance, Student Council, and the Chemistry Club.  Colin is a regular participant in the High School Bible Study group. After graduation, Colin will attend Ashland College to swim and study biology to prepare for a dentistry career.
It is our very great pleasure to have Colin represent Xenia High School as our May Student of Character.