December Kids of Character

December 2022 Kids of Character Recognized at Board Meeting
Posted on 12/14/2022
At the December 12 Board of Education meeting, we recognized our December Kids of Character for the district! Each month one student from each building is recognized for modeling positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, and integrity for their fellow students. 

Congratulations to our December Kids of Character!

Xenia Preschool: Denver Hensley
Denver makes good choices and has shown over the beginning of the school year, decisions that are honest, respectful, fair, caring, and responsible.  Denver shows kindness and caring in the classroom.

Arrowood Elementary: Payton Monahan
Payton is a third grade student in Mrs. Duffey's class. Payton is a hard worker who perseveres when things get hard.  Payton cares about her classmates, and she shows it by listening to them and offering ideas about how to work.  She helps others in a kind way, and she is patient and good-hearted. 

Cox Elementary: Christopher Weaver 
Christopher is a fifth grader who was nominated by Mr. McKinley. Mr. McKinley wrote, "It has come to my attention that Chris has been checking in with Mrs. Latimer, every day since she had her knee surgery. Chris cares a lot about his teacher, and it really shows. This is a true act of selflessness. Christopher is also very nice and kind at school. 

McKinley Elementary: Kaylee Haller 
Kaylee is always respectful, responsible, and a problem solver. She is always prepared and eager to learn. She is kind and shows empathy for others. She is excited about learning new things and sets a good example for her classmates. 

Shawnee Elementary: Gavin Gomez
Gavin has a positive attitude from the moment he enters the classroom. He is always quick to say thank you, and genuinely appreciates everything around him. Gavin can have a grateful heart because he focuses on the good things in his day rather than the bad. He not only goes out of his way to help others, but also expresses his thankfulness when others help him. 

Tecumseh Elementary: Preston Day 
Preston is a perfect example of gratitude. He always looks at the bigger picture, and takes in his surroundings to fully understand a situation before acting. Preston appreciates and understands the differences each person holds, and continues to be helpful and respectful. He continuously shows responsibility in his choices and actions by being a leader in 5th grade. 

Warner Middle School: Ethan Clelland 
Ethan is a seventh grader at Warner Middle School. He is phenomenal in many ways and a positive role model to many. Ethan does his best to participate in daily school activities, putting forth 100%. He never complains or shows disappointment. His positive attitude is an example for all students. 

Xenia High School: Bobbi Stewart
Bobbi is a second-year member in the Xenia Air Force Junior ROTC program, and currently holds the rank of Cadet Captain. Bobbi is the commanding officer of the Junior ROTC Color Guard, which performs at Xenia Athletic events and other public functions. Bobbi was a first-quarter Honor Roll student.  While she is not sure what she will do after graduation, Bobbi is exploring both nursing and education as possible areas of study.