Chromebook Support

Chromebook Support for Fall
Posted on 08/20/2021
Some students have reported a few issues with their school-issued device this week, including being "kicked out" of their Google classrooms or docs, or being asked to sign into their accounts multiple times per day.  

These issues are all related to necessary updates for the operating system due to the three months without use over the summer! Normally, this would be resolved by powering off the device and restarting it.

However, with the number of devices running on the same network, the issue is NOT always resolved with only one restart. If your student is experiencing these issues, you may need to restart multiple times before your device completes the update process.


To be clear, restarting does not mean closing the lid (sleep mode) or simply logging off. This means that students must either:

     1. Hold the power button down until it shuts off.
       - OR -
     2. Click on the time and select the power icon to turn off the device.  

This will shut the device down completely. Students should then restart and log in again

Be aware that your student's teacher may also have them complete this process several times over the coming week, but you can also go through these steps any time you are experiencing issues. 

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