September Kids of Character

September Kids of Character
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Eight kids of character were recognized at the September Board of Education meeting:

  • Stanlee Forinash - Xenia Preschool: Stanlee is a Kindergartener. He is very positive and upbeat. He always has a smile on his face and strives to put a smile on the face of every person he meets. In class, he is a good listener and aims to please. He is also very respectful and caring with his friends. Stanlee wants everyone to know that he wants to be a police officer when he grows up. 
  • Rocco DeMartino - Arrowood Elementary: Rocco is a fifth grader at Arrowood. He consistently exhibits behavior that shows he is thinking of others before himself. The first few days are of school are a little scary for new students and kindergartners. On the first day of school this year, staff found Rocco helping a kindergartner tie her shoe. On the second day of school, Rocco helped another new student. This little girl was upset because she was afraid that she couldn't find her teacher. Rocco held her hand and helped her ask a teacher for the help she needed. Rocco is a trustworthy, fair, and thoughtful student. He works hard on his schoolwork and he has the grades to prove it. Rocco is consistently on the Arrowood Honor Roll.
  • Kloe Moore - Cox Elementary: Kloe is a wonderful example of a Cox Shining Star. She is a very hard worker who tries her best each day. She is always on task and doing the right thing even if no one is looking. Kloe is respectful to the teachers and staff at school. She is a great friend o others and includes them in her play. Kloe is responsible for completing her work and turning it in. She is proud of her work and with good reason, as she always puts her best food forward. Kloe is a wonderful addition to Cox and a shining example of what a Cox student should look like.
  • Nathaniel Kingsolver - McKinley Elementary: Nathaniel is a fifth grader at McKinley Elementary. He was nominated by his teachers for exhibiting good character on numerous occasions that include the PBiS pillars of being respectful, responsible, and a problem-solver. For example, he goes out of his way to help his teachers and classmates. Nathaniel has come to school each day with a smile on his face ready to learn. During instruction he is listening, following along, and participating. Furthermore, he has found items that do not belong to him in various places around the school and has taken the time to return them to their rightful owner. He has shown integrity and is modeling the PBiS pillars at McKinley. 
  • Tucker Lamb - Shawnee Elementary: Tucker demonstrates the character trait of being respectful. His teacher Mrs. Gray says that although we have only been in school for a short period of time, it is obvious that Tucker knows to show respect both inside and outside of the classroom. Every day Tucker comes into the classroom ready to learn. He raises his hand before talking out loud and always has his listening ears ready. Tucker works quietly and never distracts others. He follows directions as soon as they are given and doesn't have to be reminded to stay on task. When it is a classmate's turn to talk, Tucker demonstrates respect by paying attention and listening to them. When the class is in the hallway, Tucker follows the rules by having a bubble in his mouth and he walks with PAX feet. Tucker has done such a great job of showing respect that he has only been on purple or pink so far this year. In fact, he has already retired his first clip. 
  • Kadence Henderson - Tecumseh Elementary: Kadence was chosen as Tecumseh's first Kid of Character of the school year because she can always be seen doing the right thing. She follows directions and sets a great example for others with a smile on her face. She constantly puts her best foot forward and does her best in every way. This year she already regularly reaches out to help a classmate. Her teacher appreciates her being a good helper and a good friend. She is a true PAX leader and an excellent student. Her kindness toward others is contagious and we love having her at Tecumseh. 
  • Grace Smith - Warner Middle: Grace is an 8th grader at Warner. She has been selected for the September Kid of Character by staff because of the consistent quiet leadership she exhibits year after year. Grace has already demonstrated her leadership this school year when staff noticed her walking the entire school tour with a 6th grade student who had difficulty walking. Grace's patience and kindness was evident once again. Grace is a very conscientious student who does the best she can with everything in her life. She is compassionate toward other students and is willing to work with anyone in a nonjudgmental way. She is helpful in class and keeps a positive attitude in all of her work. Grace is willing to take on new challenges and in her mom's words, is a "go getter." Grace was a member of the Yearbook last school year and is a current WEB leader. She is a year-round swimmer through Coffman YMCA. We look forward to the accomplishments Grace obtains throughout the next five years at Xenia.
  • Alexandra Fellie - Xenia High: Alexandra is one of the most genuine students at Xenia High School. She has worked diligently to obtain straight A's throughout her high school career. In the classroom she is prepared, engaged, and ready to learn. Alexandra is not only a wonderful student, but she is a student who goes above and beyond in and out of the classroom. Alexandra has been a part of numerous clubs and committees. She is always available to offer a helping hand to a teacher or to tutor another student. She is on the executive board of Spanish Club and takes her position seriously. She is a dedicated and hardworking dancer and even instructs younger dancers at her studio. She stepped outside her comfort zone and found a new love for the 300 meter hurdles and cross country. She has represented both our school and our community as she traveled on mission trips both domestically and internationally. Alexandra completed among the area's best at the John Hopkins Engineering Innovation. She spent last summer interning at WPAFB exploring both avenues of physics and engineering. Those activities never took away her responsibility to be prepared as a student. She is the true meaning of what it means to be a Buccaneer. 
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