October 2019 Kids of Character

October 2019 Kids of Character
Posted on 10/16/2019

Each month we honor eight students, one from each school, for their academic integrity, responsibility, and positive attitude. Students honored at the October 14 Board of Education meeting were:

  • Eliza Robbins - Xenia Preschool
  • Dominik Groce - Arrowood Elementary
  • Alizayah Goins - Cox Elementary
  • Aubriana Howard - McKinley Elementary 
  • Albin Mougey - Shawnee Elementary
  • Landon Allen - Tecumseh Elementary 
  • Gunner Stephan - Warner Middle School 
  • Rebecca Copeland - Xenia High School 

  • Eliza Robbins
    Eliza is always very excited about being at school and always has a positive attitude. She is a great example for other students in the classroom and will always help others without being asked. She has a great work ethic and will work through any challenge that she is given. 

    Dominik Groce
    His 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Baker, writes: 
    Dominik is a fantastic student and friend in our classroom. He comes to school prepared and is always following directions. Dominik is respectful to all students and teachers. 

    Dominik is a well-trusted student, and he easily shares his smile with others. Arrowood is so thankful to have a student such as Dominik. 

    Alizayah Goins
    She was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Essig. She writes: 
    Alizayah joined our class as a new student. She came to Cox from Shawnee. Alizayah has gone above and beyond to include another new student who joined our class a few weeks ago. She has been patient and kind showing the new student our routine and how we do things in our class. Alizayah us a very caring student in our classroom! Thank you for showing that you care, a trait of a Cox shining star!

    Aubriana Howard
    The fourth grade teachers at McKinley Elementary have nominated Aubriana Howard for this month’s Kids of Character. Aubriana is an all-around good citizen at McKinley. She perseveres when faced with challenges and encourages others to try their best. She exhibits our four keys to success which are respectfulness, responsibility, caring, and she is a problem solver. What makes her stand out is her kindness to others and her positive attitude. 

    Landon Allen
    Landon is always ready to help others in any way! Form being the “teacher’s assistant” to helping his classmates stay organized and prepared, he is always ready to serve! Landon sets an example for others by showing respect and kindness to all and making smart choices to become successful. Landon is always making others laugh and smile and just always bringing positive energy into our class. Way to be a leader, Landon! 

    Albin Mougey
    The student I choose that shows the character trait of caring is Albin Mougey. Albin is a very caring student, and can be heard saying nice things to students many times a day. She also does a great job in caring for her school tools and not playing with them during work times. She cares about how her words and actions affect others. Keep it up, Albin! You are an example to others. 
    ~Mrs. Higgins

    Gunnar Stephan
    His current teachers have nominated him as a student that exemplifies the three components of Warner Middle School’s Pillars of Success which are Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity. There are a number of reasons mentioned as to why Gunnar was overwhelmingly chosen! His teachers find him very attentive to his work and helpful to his classmates and others throughout the building. He is in Gifted Language Arts and does a fantastic job at everything he does. He is always on task, is respectful and a hard worker. He’s also sincere and trustworthy. Gunnar turns in assignments on time or early and stays on task during class – often working ahead of the rest of the class to complete his work. Moreover, Mrs. Greenberg appreciates having him in her class because he is a role model for maintaining a high academic standard!

    Gunnar finds time outside of the rigors of academia to participate in our school wide program, IMPACT. He is also a member of our undefeated 7th grade football team! Because of Gunnar’s character and his ability to balance the time commitment of accelerated/gifted classes and athletics, we are extremely proud to congratulate him as October’s Kid of Character for the 7th grade class! 

    Rebecca Copeland
    She is a Senior who is news to XHS. Mr. Frank nominated Becca and said, “Becca has taken an initiative o provide creative and powerful suggestions for both BUXT and the yearbook. She is also first to volunteer for opportunities to expand her own experiences such as BPA or PBIS initiatives. When other students struggle to complete assignments, she expertly jumps in to assist them without being asked. Her general demeanor is calm and pleasant, which translates nicely to other students, having a calming effect on the classroom as a whole. In addition to her positive attitude and helpful nature at school, Becca volunteers as SICSA in her free time and hopes to pursue a career in education.”

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