November Kids of Character

November Kids of Character

November’s Kids of Character exemplify responsibility, academic integrity, positivity, and respect. They are: Silas Currier from Xenia Preschool, Wyatt Long from Arrowood Elementary, Elijah Roseman from Cox Elementary, Matthew Long from McKinley Elementary, Kylee Luckett from Shawnee Elementary, Rachel Graham from Tecumseh Elementary, Gavin McManus from Warner Middle School, and Rebecca West from Xenia High School. (Kylee Luckett and Rebecca West are not pictured.)


SILAS CURRIER, XENIA PRESCHOOLSilas Currier in Ms. Hills class. Silas comes to school every day with a positive attitude. He gets along really well with all of his peers, and is very comforting to friends who are sad, or who just need someone to play with. Silas always comes to school and does his best work, and listens and follows all of the classroom rules. Ms. Hills can always count on Silas to be a good role model, and lead the other students by example to show what they should be doing or how they should be acting. Silas always greets her every day with a smile on his face, and always looks so thrilled to come to school. He helps the other students with their work if needed (finding their name on the question of the day, being an example on how to complete an assignment, showing friends how to stand in line), and always is a big helper in cleaning up the classroom. Ms. Hills is so thankful to have a student like Silas in her class; he is such a joy and puts a smile on her face every day! We are proud to nominate Silas as our Preschool Kid of Character. 

WYATT LONG – ARROWOOD ELEMENTARYArrowood is proud to name Wyatt Long as the November Kid of Character. Wyatt is a third grader in Mr. Toscani's and Mrs. Abel's class.  His homeroom teacher, Mr. Toscani, writes about Wyatt: “He is the epitome of a Kid of Character. Wyatt is very respectful to everyone in our class, and he always has a smile on his face!  He is an extremely hard worker and is a pleasure to have in class.” Arrowood is focusing on practicing kindness every day, and Wyatt is one of those rare kids who is always kind.  He truly makes Arrowood a better place.


ELIJAH ROSEMAN - COX ELEMENTARY – Elijah is Cox Elementary's Shining Star Student of Character for November. "Elijah shines with Pride," says his teacher Angie Reed. He comes to school prepared to learn and has a very positive attitude. Elijah shows initiative and often performs little acts of kindness that help make the class run smoothly; for example, he usually takes down and puts up the chairs of absent students, picks up pencils from the floor that are not in his area, holds the door for others, and is quick to offer help. He has such a kind heart and recently made get well cards (in his free time, of course!) for a friend who had been home sick. Elijah is very patriotic and enjoys learning American History at school and in his free time. He and his best friend are huge history buffs; in fact, his teacher often has to limit Elijah's participation during Social Studies because he knows so much. Elijah is active in Boy Scouts and often tells his teacher about the activities in which he participates with his den. Elijah takes great pride in being a leader in a group of students. Mr. McKinley has trained him to lower and properly store the American Flag at dismissal. Elijah displays a growth mindset and is open to learning new things and trying to do things in new ways. A typical Elijah response is, "Well, I haven't tried/done/learned that yet, but I suppose I will."  Elijah works hard, doesn't give up, and learns from his mistakes. He has a positive attitude and is kind; Elijah truly shines with pride. 


MATTHEW LONG – MCKINLEY ELEMENTARY - McKinley Elementary is proud to honor Matthew Long as the fourth grade “Kid of Character” for November. Matthew is a very hard-working student who exemplifies the three characteristics emphasized at McKinley - Respect, Responsibility, and Being a Problem Solver. Matthew has shown “Responsibility” because he is a trustworthy student who has a positive attitude and a desire to learn; he is “Respectful” because he is polite, kind, and sincere at all times; and he is a “Problem Solver” because he demonstrates tolerance, humbleness, and compassion for others. Matthew is always eager to participate during class discussions and is determined to persevere when given a task to complete. His teachers consider him a model student for his peers.


KYLEE LUCKETT – SHAWNEE ELEMENTARY – Kylee has earned the character trait of responsible for room 214. Kylee always turns in her weekly behavior report the next day and she also brings back any papers that are given to her in a timely manner. Her teacher never has to remind her to bring anything in that needs to be returned. Kylee also takes responsibility and ownership with her grades. She completes assignments that are sent home each and every time. She takes care of her belongings and respects other people's belongings as well


RACHEL GRAHAM – TECUMSEH ELEMENTARYRachel is Tecumseh Elementary's Problem-Solving Superhero for the month of November. The entire class could not remember the word of the month so Rachel listened very carefully to the announcements until she heard it and reminded the class. In an even bigger situation, Rachel worked together with her mom and another teacher to come up with a solution to make sure she had all of her work turned in when she was absent. She felt great about the solution. Problem-solving is one of Rachel’s best skills and Tecumseh is lucky to have her as a student.


GAVIN MCMANUS – WARNER MIDDLE SCHOOLGavin is an extremely hardworking sixth grader. Every task he is given, he strives to do his best and give it his all. He is respectful of teachers and other students alike, and is always there to give a helping hand. He participates in Xenia’s Wee Bucs football program and the Xenia Elite Basketball team. In the midst of these extracurricular activities, Gavin still maintains excellent grades. He exemplifies the Three Pillars of Success which are Respect, Responsibility and Integrity, to the highest levels, each and every day. Gavin is a model student and example for all. 


REBECCA WEST – XENIA HIGH SCHOOL – Rebecca is a sophomore at Xenia High School.  She reads voraciously and is always looking for book recommendations. She is in Renaissance and HOSA.  She is an active member at her church and participates in many activities. She is always smiling in the hallway. Mrs. Evans says, “Rebecca is always willing to do an extra task and never has a cross word for anyone. She is always positive.”

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