May Kids of Character

May Kids of Character

Congratulations to the following Kids of Character, honored at the May Board of Education meeting: 


Landon was nominated for this award because of how hard he has worked this year, for his helpfulness in the classroom and above all, for the kindness he shows to his friends and teachers. Landen’s success in the classroom has been incredible to watch.

He is a good listener and works hard with his teachers. Landen goes above and beyond to help in the classroom by picking up after himself and others, without being asked. He is dependable and when given a task, his teachers know it will be done. Landen is a leader in the classroom and is always smiling.

Landen is one of the kindest friends. He makes sure his friends have what they need and are taken care of. Landen rides the bus with one of his friends, Amberlee. He sits next to her on the bus, helps her put her jacket on and holds her hand when walking into the building.

Landen shows kindness and consideration to everyone he meets and is a joy to have in class.

Estevan Barajas

Estevan is one of the hardest workers. He started school at Arrowood in December, just before break. He just jumped right in and started getting to know everyone and he learned the routine quickly.

Estevan actively participates in his learning by ensuring that he understands what the class is working on, and asks many questions when he does not.

In addition, he follows the Buccaneer Best guidelines by always being respectful to his peers and to authority; being responsible for himself and his learning; and being a problem-solver on a daily basis. He is always willing to work with anyone, and shows kindness to everyone around him.

Devon Taylor

Devon was nominated by Cox’s librarian Lynn Engle. She says, "Devon is a super reader! He visits the library almost every morning and always has a book in his hand.

Devon recommends books to his friends. He is always responsible with his books and is always returns them on time.

He shines with pride when he reads something he likes.

He has checked out 96 books this year.”

Matthew Combs

Matthew is a very hard-working student who exemplifies the characteristics of being respectful and responsible.  Matthew demonstrates responsibility by the fact that he always completes his assigned work, uses his time wisely, has a positive attitude, and a desire to learn. 

At school, he is respectful, follows directions, and obeys the rules. Matthew has been on the Super Honor Roll every quarter this year and is always willing to participate during class discussions.

His teachers consider him a model student for his peers at McKinley. 

Autumn Shumaker

Autumn is very polite to her peers as well as all of the teachers. She is the first person to offer help when someone is in need. She also lets others borrow pencils or erasers if they need them.

Autumn says please and thank you and never speaks in a mean tone. She is very soft spoken, but will always tell the truth and stand up for what's right.

Autumn has had a great school year and her teachers know she will continue to show politeness in all she does.

Jayana Render

Jayana was chosen as a 5th grade Responsible Superhero. She is conscientious in her work, and responsibly turns it in on time, every time. She is a responsible leader during labs and group activities and is respectful to others even when they may not deserve it.

Jayana is organized and responsible with her materials and always prepared for class. Jayana is responsible in that she keeps her grades up and is in many activities after school.

She plays sports, is a member of character choir and also shines as a Student Ambassador.

Eva Behlke

Warner teachers have the pleasure of teaching Eva this year in 6th grade.  From the start, Eva has impressed them with her eagerness to learn, her passion for reading and writing, and her ability to be articulate when talking about difficult concepts.

Eva always shows the greatest deal of respect to classroom and guest teachers, setting the example for others. She exhibits responsibility by always completing her work, is always an active participant in class discussions, and has always been supportive of her peers.  Mrs. Pogue, in Language Arts says, “I can also always depend on her to provide the explanation of a concept in her own words when my own aren’t getting through to a student.” 

Her caring nature, patience, and personality allow Eva to work well with anyone in the classroom, as she always respects the opinions and abilities of others. Eva’s heart of service is further exemplified through her initiative to regularly step in to assist another student.  

Dylan Hoosier

Dylan is a sophomore and he is involved in many activities at XHS, including Student Council and Peer Facilitation. Dylan also plays on the basketball team. He can be found at the YMCA at 5 in the morning several days a week practicing the sport that he loves.

His teacher Ms. Dunteman says, "Dylan is such a kind and positive student. Whenever I see him and interact with him at school he is always polite and positive. He is a bright light at Xenia High School."

Dylan was also recommended to represent XHS at the Anthony Munoz Youth Leadership Seminar earlier this school year, where he was able to hear motivational speakers and network with youth leaders at XHS and from around the region.

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