January Kids of Character

January Kids of Character

Eight Xenia students were recognized during the January 14, 2019 Board of Education meeting as "Kids of Character." These students show academic integrity, responsibility, and a positive attitude. Honored were: Thomas Leightenheimer, Lacie Murnahan, Alexia Barlow, Gracie Neff, Anna Welch, Kyndall Howard, Kymari Sanford, and Samari Curtis. 


Thomas is a kindergartener in Mrs. Phipps class. Thomas works hard in everything he is given. He is a great friend and is always ready to encourage. Thomas is responsible for his things, respectful to those around him, and helpful in class. Thomas greets everyone with a smile and a hug and comes to school excited to learn each day. 

LACIE MURNAHAN - Arrowood Elementary

Lacie is a first grade students in Mrs. Evan's class. Every day, staff and students witness Lacie being her Buccaneer Best in the classrooms, hallway, cafeteria, lunchroom, and during recess. She is always kind to others, and she can be counted on by both her friends and teachers. Her teacher, Mrs. Evans, writes: "Lacie is a sweet, respectful girl. She is responsible with completing her homework, and she works hard at school. Lacie is a pleasure to have in our first grade class." 

ALEXIA BARLOW - Cox Elementary

Alexis is Cox's Shining Star student of character of the month. Alexis was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Reed. She writes, "Alexis shines with pride! SHe is always pleasant and has a positive attitude, she is never involved in discipline issues or drama, and she comes to school ready to learn and do her best. Alexis is exceeding her goal scores on the state tests. She is kind and a good friend to her classmates." 

GRACIE NEFF - McKinley Elementary

Gracie is a second grader in Mrs. Poole's class. Her teacher writes, "She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She has such a big heart for all people. Gracie is kind to her classmates and always shows respect for others. She loves her family, and I admire how much she adores her sister. Gracie is responsible as well. She is always prepared and puts forth her best effort on classwork and homework assignments. One of my favorite characteristics about Gracie is that she is a problem solver. If there is ever a problem in the classroom or among peers, she - without being prompted - thinks of possible solutions for it. Gracie is always looking out for others, and she gives 110 percent in everything she does. Even if something is difficult for her at first, she never gives up. Because of her determination, Gracie has grown so much this year in both reading and math. I love that she's becoming more confident in herself." 

ANNA WELCH - Shawnee Elementary 

Anna's teacher, Mrs. Combs, writes, "Anna is a stand out choice for a cooperative student. She works so well with others and never complains about what group she is in. When the students are playing math games, she plays fair and follows the rules. In class she is consistently volunteering to help others. She leads by example and makes good choices even when others are not looking. I know Anna is a huge help at home and juggles a lot of commitments with cheer and homework, but she still finds the time to work well with others."  

KYNDALL HOWARD - Tecumseh Elementary

Kyndall Howard is a student at Tecumseh who shows great responsibility. Kyndall organizes herself for class, knows what is expected of her each day, and accomplishes all the tasks given to her. Kyndall gracefully keeps up with all of her commitments. She is responsible for keeping up with classwork when she is out of the room for XTAR. Kyndall is a Student Ambassador who has many responsibilities for her school and community. Kyndall works in the office at the end of the day. She is so responsible that Mrs. Claus can trust her to deliver things around the school building. But in the biggest way, Kyndall is responsible for doing her best, correcting her mistakes, not making excuses, and treating everyone the way she would like to be treated. These responsibilities will help prepare Kyndall for all of the great opportunities she will have in the future. 

KYMARI SANFORD - Warner Middle School

Seventh grader Kymari Sanford is a quiet and very thoughtful student. She carries A's across the board and her work is excellent and carefully done. She takes advanced ELA and math classes and she is always on task. She participates in the Novel Writing Group after school and the novel she is writing has depth and is extremely well written. Kymari is one of those students who is truly a pleasure to have in the classroom because she is positive and compassionate. 

SAMARI CURTIS - Xenia High School

Samari is a senior at Xenia High School. He is someone who has become a leader to several underclassmen. As stated by a faculty member, "He has taken on this responisbility in a very good way. As a person many of our students look up to, I appreciate that he is willing to talk to other students. We have heard him giving advice to help students make better decisions as far as academics, relationships, and choices. Outside of athletics, I am very thankful to see how the best traits I have recognized in Samari begin to surface for others to see as well." 


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