January 2020 Kids of Character

January 2020 Kids of Character
Posted on 01/16/2020
Each month we honor eight students, one from each school, for their academic integrity, responsibility, and positive attitude.

Students honored at the January 13 Board of Education meeting were:

 Clyde Wilson, Xenia Preschool
• Jackson Singleton, Arrowood Elementary
• Summer Chambers, Cox Elementary
• Chandler Brown, McKinley Elementary 
• Arie Dancy, Shawnee Elementary
• Kasaun Singleton, Tecumseh Elementary 
• Macie Allen, Warner Middle School 
• Nathan Saner, Xenia High School 

Clyde Wilson, Xenia Preschool
Clyde demonstrates good character every day. He loves coming to school. The first thing he does every morning when he arrives is give his teacher a big hug. It’s her favorite part of the morning. Clyde enjoys playing with his friends at school but is always ready to stop playing and start working. He never has to be reminded to put materials away and even helps his classmates put their materials away. He helps Mrs. Fleming with the students who are new to preschool. Clyde follows the class rules. He takes responsibility for his actions and is quick to apologize when needed. Clyde is very smart. He likes to be challenged and always puts forth his best effort. Mrs. Fleming says Clyde is a joy to have in class

Jackson Singleton, Arrowood Elementary
Jackson is a first grader in Mrs. Koch's class. She writes, "Jackson always shows his Buccaneer Best.  He is a good friend to all of his classmates, works hard in class, and always makes sure he is ready for learning.  He always has a smile and a hug for me."  Jackson has a special ability to be able to be friends with everyone. His fun personality makes others want to be around him, but yet he is kind at the same time.  He is very deserving of this recognition. We are so proud of you, Jackson!

Summer Chambers, Cox Elementary
Summer was nominated by one of her 5th grade teachers, LaShann Latimer. She writes, "I have enjoyed watching, Summer mature into a hard working young lady. Summer goes out of her way to help me and her classmates. Summer works very hard to do the right thing all the time, even when no one is looking. Summer is very respectful and happy all of the time. I appreciate having, Summer in my classroom!" Congratulations Summer!

Chandler Brown, McKinley Elementary 
Chandler has been selected by his teacher, Mrs. Sheets, as a "Kid of Character" because he demonstrates all of the qualities of a great PAX leader.  He is kind to others, he always follows school rules, and he is always willing to lend others a helping hand. Chandler is usually one of the first to arrive to school each day, and he is always prepared and ready to learn. Chandler is an extremely hard worker, and he stays focused throughout the day. Chandler demonstrates every single day that he is committed to learning and to being an excellent student. All of these qualities, along with his positive attitude and kindness toward everyone, are what make Chandler Brown the perfect choice for McKinley's Kid of Character.

Arie Dancy, Shawnee Elementary
Arie has been chosen as our Student of Character for Shawnee. Arie has many great qualities, one being his generosity. Arie willingly gives of his time to help his peers and teacher. He has offered to give up recess multiple times to help organize items in the classroom and help other students with their work. Arie is also a part of the Shawnee Safety Patrol and is a great example to other Shawnee students! I'm proud to call Arie our Student of Character for Generosity! 
Mrs. Fennell 

Kasaun Singleton, Tecumseh Elementary 
Kasaun is Tecumseh's Kid of Character for January because he is an all-around wonderful kid!! Kasaun is always showing what a true friend he really is! He is always willing to help others with messes or academics. He is very thoughtful and considerate to his peers and always shows respect to his teachers! Kasaun is a daily role model in 5th grade by being responsible, kind, and respectful. Kasaun always brings a positive energy into our class and the school as a whole! Stay awesome, Kasaun! We all appreciate you so much!

Macie Allen, Warner Middle School 
Macie is a seventh grade Warner student and she is handles everything she does with grace and dignity.  Despite her own limitations, she comes to school every day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.  She is more concerned about helping other students and being of service to our community than worrying about herself.  Macy has demonstrated this so well during her sixth grade year she was selected to be one of Warner’s four student representatives on the student-board roundtables this year.
Macie loves to write! She is a wonderful student, and as all of her nominating teachers have noted, she really keeps a positive attitude. She maintains excellent grades while taking gifted classes and always challenges herself academically.  Macie Allen is the type of student that teachers say “I wish I could have 20 more of her!”

On behalf of the 7th grade teachers, we say “Congratulations!” to a very worthy candidate — One who clearly embodies Warner’s three Pillars of Success: Respect, Responsibility and Integrity

Nathan Saner, Xenia High School 
Nathan is a well-rounded student who is an excellent representative of Xenia High School academically, athletically, and musically. Nate has incredible school spirit and served as the emcee for the most recent pep rally. Nate is always kind, courteous, respectful, friendly, and polite. Nate is currently rehearsing for the lead role in "In the Heights" at the Victoria Theatre. Nate is involved in multiple extracurricular and co-curricular groups, and he still manages to maintain excellent grades.

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