February 2020 Kids of Character

February 2020 Kids of Character
Posted on 02/13/2020
Each month Xenia Community Schools honors eight students, one from each school, for their academic integrity, responsibility, and positive attitude.

Students honored at the February 10 Board of Education meeting were:

• Harper Grooms, Xenia Preschool
• Olivia Odje, Arrowood Elementary
• Miracle Kalebaba, Cox Elementary
• Porter Blackaby, McKinley Elementary 
• Micah Bennett, Shawnee Elementary
• Cami Loeliger, Tecumseh Elementary 
• Otis Boyette, Warner Middle School 
• Kyle Lane, Xenia High School 

Harper Grooms, Xenia Preschool 
Harper is a very kind and helpful student. She is seen almost daily helping her friends and her teachers. She is polite, friendly, and very smart. Harper likes Peppa Pig and loves being a sister. She is always a face that I’m happy to see. 
She is a shining star!

Olivia Odje, Arrowood Elementary 

Olivia is a kindergarten student in Mrs. Evan's class.  Mrs. Evans writes, “Olivia comes to school with a smile on her face ready to learn. She works hard to do her best and she does not quit when things are challenging. Olivia looks for opportunities to help her classmates and her teacher. Mrs. Evans appreciates her positive attitude towards school. As well as the respect and kindness Olivia shows towards others."
Thank you, Olivia for always showing your Buccaneer Best behavior!

Miracle Kalebaba, Cox Elementary 
Miracle was nominated by her classroom teacher Lauren Richey. She writes: "Miracle comes to school everyday with a big smile on her face. She excitedly greets teachers and classmates and she eagerly asks questions about what we will be learning that day. She has a bright personality that is contagious in the classroom. She brings joy and excitement to our school everyday. I am lucky to interact with her daily and love her passion for learning. She is a wonderful example of a Cox Shining Star."
Congratulations Miracle!

Porter Blackaby, McKinley Elementary  
Porter is a Kid of Character because he always makes good choices and tries his best. Porter is a good friend to all of his classmates and shows kindness to everyone around him. Porter is always excited and prepared to learn. Porter loves math and is always the first in the class to raise his hand with an answer. Porter is an excellent PAX leader and is a good example to his peers.!

Micah Bennett, Shawnee Elementary 
Micah Bennett is a great example for the character trait, self-awareness. He has worked very hard this year to follow directions, follow school rules, learn to read and do math. He has moved himself to an area in the classroom where he won't be distracted by others. In his new seat, he works very hard and completes his work. In reading and math, Micah has made tremendous improvement! Micah has accomplished this by asking for extra work and sometimes asking me for one on one help. He rarely has to move his clip down and has mostly above "green" days. All of this has taken a lot of hard from Micah on his own. I am so proud of him! Way to go, Micah!!! 
Mrs. Shaw

Cami Loeliger, Tecumseh Elementary 
Cami is an excellent example of a Kindness at Tecumseh. She is very kind in so many ways to her classmates. Cami made sure that our new student had a friend to play with at recess and showed her around our school. She made jewelry to give to other girls in the class and comes in every morning asking if there is anything she can do to be helpful. She is willing to help others, run errands, or help straighten up the room. Cami makes every day special with how kindly she treats everyone in our classroom. Cami is definitely a Kindness Captain at Tecumseh and we are lucky to have her!

Otis Boyette, Warner Middle School 
Teachers have had the pleasure of teaching George Otis Boyette this year in 6th grade.  From the start, Otis has impressed them with his eagerness to learn, his passion for his studies, and his ability to be articulate when talking about difficult concepts.

Otis always shows the greatest deal of respect to classroom and guest teachers, setting the example for others. He exhibits responsibility by always completing his work, is always an active participant in class discussions, and has always been supportive of her peers.  Mrs. Jones, in math says, “I can also always depend on him to provide the explanation of a concept in his own words when my own aren’t getting through to a student.”  His caring nature, patience, and personality allow him to work well with anyone in the classroom, as he always respects the opinions and abilities of others. Otis’s commitment is further exemplified through his initiative to regularly assist teachers and other students.  

We are certain that Otis is destined to do great things. His tireless work ethic, passion for learning, sense of responsibility, and his dependability will certainly make him successful in life. We are all very proud of you and want to congratulate you in being selected as Warner Middle School’s Kid of Character for the month of February.

Kyle Lane, Xenia High School 
Kyle was nominated by Angie Tate, who calls him “the epitome of a Buccaneer.” Kyle is driven in the classroom, excels in athletics, and he is always volunteering. Kyle is a member of National Honor Society, and has represented the High School as a golfer, a basketball player, and a baseball player.  Donating his time to his school, teachers, and community are commonplace for him. Kyle also holds down a job while still making time for family and friends. Kyle leads by example, and is a spectacular role model for all our students. Kyle has already been offered an academic scholarship to attend Sinclair Community College, where he will play baseball next year.  We at the High School are delighted to have Kyle represent us as our February Student of Character.
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