Fall 2020 Health Screenings

Fall 2020 Vision and Hearing Screenings
Posted on 09/23/2020
Over the coming weeks, our clinic staff will be conducting vision and hearing screenings — but like many programs and events, this will look a little different in 2020! Due to current restrictions on outside visitors, it is important for parents to note that there will not be set days/times for screening in each building. Instead, staff will test students individually as time permits, with remote learners being tested when they are in the buildings for MAP testing. 

Why is it important to have your child’s hearing screened? 
• Hearing is important for speech, language development, reading and learning. 
• A hearing screening can detect if your child needs further hearing testing. 
• Even if your child has passed a hearing screening previously, their hearing can change. 
• Hearing problems can be related to medical problems. 
• Hearing loss is invisible and a child may appear to be not paying attention.  

Why is it important to have your child's vision screened? 
To identify if your child has vision problems or might be at risk for vision problems. 80% of learning occurs visually.

Hearing and vision screenings will consist of the following tests:
• Audiometry - Screening of hearing acuity
• Observation - Abnormal color, shape size, appearance, • behavior, complaints
• Monocular Distance Visual Acuity - Test for visual distance
• Stereopsis - Test for lazy eye

Remember! A hearing and vision screening provides only a snapshot of how your child performs on the day the test was administered, and is not a substitute for a complete hearing evaluation by an audiologist or a complete eye exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. 

All children in the following grades will be screened: Preschool, K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. If your child is not in one of those grades and you would like for them to be screened, please contact the school clinic. Children will also be screened due to: a previous screening failure, teacher referral, if they are new to the school district, as part of special education evaluation process, or those at-risk for noise exposure. 

If your child passes their screenings you will not be contacted. If your child is absent they will be screened when they return. If your child fails either part of the screening, a rescreen and/or referral will be made. 

Questions? Please reach out directly to your school clinic directly!
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